North Korea


So would that be after they nuc a neighbor or an American city?


Russia and China have common borders with North Korea and they both are more concerned about what the US is going to do in the region than they are about North Korea. And it’s not in either of their interests for North Korea to launch nuclear missiles at anybody. Nor is it in either of their national Security interests to see a unified Korea under the south. South Korea has interceptor missiles, Japan has interceptor missiles, We have them in Guam, and then Hawaii beyond that, and then along our entire western seaboard to the top of Alaska.

Whatever the US does with respect to North Korea will (if it’s done with reason and with much wise council :flushed:) be in light of all that, and accordingly.


Despite public perception President Trump doesn’t act in haste. He has a well thought out plan for N Korea. The last thing he would do is to invade.He would probably order a selective missile strike and make Kim put up or shut up. President Trump would have to be sure our allies would help lncase of an invasion by NK before a missile strike.He wants to put Kim in a difficult position if Communist China and or Russia don’t help


You say that as though Russia and China are just being uncooperative. I tried to explain to you in my last post. Americans have (for a few generations now) had an attitude that when we put our pants on in the morning, the whole worlds dressed. China and Russia’s national interests are not the same as ours, and quite naturally, they are going to pursue their own, much as we do. Russia and China aren’t concerned about North Korea launching nukes at anybody, nor are those who run USFP. But the hand wringing and fearmongering plays well with Americans who seem always to be afraid of their own shadow. Condoleezza Rice scared Americans into believing that Hussein was capable of launching a nuclear attack on us, “do we have to wait for the smoking gun to come in the form of a mushroom cloud” she feigned.

Permanent war economy and the Military Industrial Complex is what this is always about.

Russia and China aren’t buying into US imperialism, hegemony and warmongering anymore. Gone are the days when the two support us in the UN with yes votes for the use of force. The violation of UNSCR 1973 was the straw that broke the camels back. Obama failed three attempts to secure a UNSCR for Syria. That’s Russia’s ally, and a base for one of their two warm water ports. That’s why neither Obama or Trump were able to regime change president Assad.

As with anything/anyone, you abuse your power, you loose it.