Norway wants to send back 1,600 Somalis



The Norwegian government now wants to send back 1600 Somalis, because Somalia is now being assessed as stable. However, most human rights organizations have criticized the decision.

The Norwegian government wants to send back 1,600 Somalis who previously had a so-called refugee status in the country. This is because the situation in Somalia is now considered to be more stable and therefore they want their so-called protection reasons to be revalued.

However, a new report states that most human rights organizations criticize the decision.

According to the report, the government allegedly violated the UN Refugee Convention, the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights, the Norwegian Aliens Act and the foundations of Norway.

“Some organizations do not agree with this government’s strict asylum and immigration policy, which is not the same as breaking the rules,” states the Secretary of State Torkil Åmland from the Progress Party in response to the criticism.

Norway’s equivalent to the Migration Board, UDI, was already commissioned by the Government in 2016 to review the refugee status of so-called asylum seekers who arrived in Norway before 1 October 2014 but have not yet received permanent residence.

The Norwegian Government has also ruled out that the decision to revaluate people’s so-called refugee status would violate any laws or conventions.

Source: Will postpone 1600 Somalis refugee status: Government denies rule violation


I totally agree with Norway’s behavior towards these refugees. Many countries had refugees during WW2…but afterwards they went back home to rebuild there own cities and towns! Once the threat is removed they can go home! Refugee status should not and cannot be permanent!


America wake up! …


Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Libya remain very hostile dangerous places as well as the sub Saharan African countries at war presently.


Get out of our countries!


Can you image the slaughter if America, France, Germany, Sweden, Britain have to unite to fight black, muslim and Spanish people lol


Perhaps we will witness a Norwexit, a Swedexit, a Franchexit, a Polexit, and so on until there’s nothing left in the EU except Germastan.


These people have travelled through up to 16 safe countries to get to Sweden, They are not refugees, they are economic migrants


their are no good Somali people facts are facts they should not be allowed to leave Somalia

Good luck Norway


Somalis have bad knees their is no way they walked they came by plane at the taxpayers expense


Fact is we should have let all those skinny Somalian kids die back in the 90s. They wouldn’t be rampaging our countries today if we had. Never donate to another feed skinny Africans charity again.


just from a basic maths point of view it’s a multiplying problem give 10 Somalis food to be a nice person and than your kids have 100 Somalis demanding free food as a consequence


Hopefully we havent learned this lesson too late. Take care of your country and countrymen first.


Good for Norway for waking up , I hope the UK and Sweden are paying attention.

I like Finland’s approach to refugees.
I like Japan’s approach to refugees
but no one on the left seem to be upset over the rich Muslim countries approach to the refugees of the same religion, interesting

Makes you wonder why Rich Muslim countries arent taking in the refugees of Muslim faith?

And here I thought Islam was a religion of peace?
Silly me.


Sorry Max, but I feel I must correct you. They are economic immigrants, not refugees. Most have passed through up to 16 safe countries to get to Europe. Once they pass through only one safe country, they cease to be refugees


Maybe Canada will take them , they said ALL are welcome ! :wink::wink::wink:



I stand corrected, I should have said Economic migrants disguising themselves as refugees.

feel free to correct me when I make this error again.


Sorry Max, I should have really private messaged you. My apologies


no worries Devauxt, I wasnt upset at all my friend , like I said earlier feel free to correct me when I post in error

Im not a leftist who gets upset at every little thing , we on the right as you know can handle being corrected and learning new things


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