🔴 November 2018 Election Predictions - LIVE UPDATE THREAD

  • Republicans Keep Senate and House
  • Republicans Keep Senate Lose House
  • Republicans Lose Senate Keep House
  • Republicans Lose Senate and House

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The Republicans Will Keep The House and Senate
2018 Mid Term Election
The irony---Dems appealing to young people for votes

I think the Republicans will keep both the Senate and the House.

Just a gut feeling that the silent majority has not responded to the polling being presented as signs of potential high strength among the Democrat voters.

Unless there is significant voter fraud, the Republicans will lose only a few seats in the House and will gain a few seats in the Senate.


Repubs pick up 3 -5 senate seats and get rid of two big time rinos, flake and corker. Trump will now easily get his nominations approved – hopefully sessions being one of the first.

Repubs maintain comfortable house majority. Many of retiring repubs rinos to be replaced with conservatives.

The president will be able to more easily implement his agenda – which he was elected to do.


Can’t think of anything original?

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This Thread should be deleted. Someone already came up with it, and it’s a copycat.




You’re not very observant. This is a voting site and it involves both chambers. Need to put ya brain in gear before putting mouth in motion.


Hey, I voted and still answer the calls from the pollsters.

p.s. I typically answer wrong. Maybe it’s a memory issue.


Your at -15% …:laughing:


Love to see it however 2 things:

  1. I tend to be more realistic.
  2. Americans forget from one moment to the next. The GOP should have been throwing the ACA and banking regulation in the face of the Dems, yet not a word.

The really amazing thing, not a word from either party about the 4 caravans headed to the US.


I predict certain precincts in Chicago will have more votes than registered voters.

Apologies to the pollster. I don’t know who will win what. But I wanted to show I was interested.


In 2016 I went to bed early on election day. I knew Hillary would win and I could not bear to watch. When I woke up the next day and found out Trump had won I was so happy I could not believe it. I am praying to God for a repeat of that miracle.


Now that was the most entertaining night in a very long time.

I watched the results and as state returns came in for trump the commentators were completely baffled with the comment, there will be a nation of recounts before morning.

I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.


I been watching the Trump rallies. 100,000 applying for tickets at some of them. Bammer pulls in couple thousand and biteme pulls in couple hundred. Mooches tend to not vote if they have to go to voting places and stand in line. All conservatives I know like me – wild horses couldn’t stop us. Tuesday B a interesting day. We also like Lou – we like to screw pollsters. :rofl:


I’m not shutting up, and I’m not voting. I hope that this doesn’t hurt your feelings? lol


I don’t have to put my brain in gear when talking to a pathetic person with no intellectual capabilities behind them. Such as yourself. :laughing:




I predict Rublicans win the Senate, but lose the House. I think that Republicans are focusing so much on the Senate, that they will be hit with a curveball in the House by the Democrats. For everyone’s sake, i hope the Democrats do not win the House or the Senate, as they are so far extreme it’s not even funny. I do think that Kevin Hern will win my district’s House seat (the seat that was left vacant by Bridenstine) but that our Governor position will turn blue- because Kevin Stitt, he’s not a particularly likable guy and people will not vote for him for that very reason. Tulsa is pretty Conservative though, so I may be wrong about the Governor position.

When my dad and I went to vote early on Friday, the line wrapped around the east side of the library (the polling center) and apparently did not thin until around 5 pm. The voter turnout is huge. Granted this was all the precincts in Tulsa county, but still.

If the Democrats take either one of the houses, then we can say goodbye to capitalism, and to the Constitution. It’ll be a sad, sad day.


What caused the Trump win, and the polling fail saying hillary will win, was the democrats divided. Sanders vs Clinton took quite the toll on the youth democrat vote and they said hillary during polls but ultimately no-showed. In early voting, we are seeing an over 500% uptick in youth votes…pains me to say i think that bodes horrible for our house chances. We alsl face a small split in our numbers…an unfortunate side effect of trump has been an alienation of soft republican women votes (its a small percent, but in tight races that smalle percent means alot). If you know female republican voters, prod them towards voting based on trumps record.

I also think we are going to take a hit in the senate and lose a few key races, but due to ND we will hold a small senate majority.


That is the common prediction. But life under Trump is often unpredictable, thank God


RED wave or war , there is no way we let the dems kill maga. plan to se the maga rise.