🔴 November 2018 Election Predictions - LIVE UPDATE THREAD


Are they having nervous breakdowns? I bet many on the left aren’t taking this very well.


Probably not taking it very well at all, but they are still hopeful and still a little smug. Someone called me retarded a few seconds ago. And someone else said, don’t you dare compare our precious ideology to Communism. I mean, they’re at a dissonance. It’s funny to watch.


Naturally they are going to claim a massive victory. I yawn.


Oooooo! That’s scary!:roll_eyes:


It’s still 141D to 144R on ABC.
218 to control

Ds have picked up 7 out of 23 required pick ups


Yeah close, I’ll wait and see what is up tomorrow. The fact that is wasn’t a complete route is amazing. If we hold the house, democrats should just commit suicide, that reminds me, I should do a mental health check on my liberal NJ lawyer sister.


Romney the Democrat wins


I think you got a post deleted also, didn’t you? Heaven forbid you speak the truth about something. :roll_eyes:

They are all smug as hell about the House. But I don’t think anyone on the Rep side sees that as a surprise. If they think the country having to listen and see Pelosi every day bitching about gun control, taking back the tax cuts, etc. is going to help their cause, they are sooooooooo wrong. :sweat_smile:


Apparently it didn’t go well for democrats tonight judging by the apparent DOS attack on the Hannity forum


Now D146 (up 10) to R149


Yep they’ll just give us something to run against, plus, if the economy dips, we can blame them.


Now D147 (+11) to R151


The DOS attack?

Stabenow has pulled ahead of James, so my dream of him winning is lost.

Oh well, overall the night is still way better than I thought it would be.


That place is terrible. I haven’t posted there for quite awhile and probably never win again.

And… ABC news just declared Ted Cruz reelected! :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Yeah Sherrod Brown is going to win too apparently, we can’t get everything we want, but the blue wave is looking more like a blue puddle, I’ll settle for that.


YES YES YES! I can sleep soundly tonight. ^-^


Yep. Pelosi has already stated that gun control will be at the top of her agenda if they take the House. Also cancelling out the tax cuts. Those two things alone are enough for most people to fight back.

They start screwing with the economy they will pay big time. People are optimistic and happy right now with the course we are on. They start talking about paying more and taking back the “crumbs” they are going to regret it.


Now D148 (+12) to R152 in the HOuse

D38 to R48 (+1) in the Senate


I don’t think anyone has called it yet, but DeSantis and Scott both lead and I think it’s almost all been counted.

So with Beto and Gillim losing, it’s a bad, BAD night for the left.


Oh thank the Lord above, the left was going to be unbearable is that snake Beto won