🔴 November 2018 Election Predictions - LIVE UPDATE THREAD


That should make the reporter who left that shitty message about him when she thought she had hung up happy. :joy:


I hope they all eat a collective ban, to be honest. They have driven away many good posters, and I hope that they finally get what is coming to them- a sabotage driven by hatred.


I really would have been shocked if he had lost, Betomania notwithstanding.

Anyway, the dozens of reporters hanging out at his HQ can console themselves.

The GOP actually picked up a House seat. Think it was in PA.


Gillum too, hot damn. Man republicans performed with a million ton Trump anchor around their necks tonight. Thank God liberals are too busy smoking dope to vote in the midterms.


Exactly. I am sooooooo glad that smug leftist has been defeated. And even happier for the media who beclowned themselves claiming he could flip the state blue.


I hear she’s been fired.


Now D149 (+11) to R153 in the House


Yep, hot damn is right. And in GA, it looks as though Kemp is going to win without needing a run off.

All the highly touted Dems are going down to defeat, I couldn’t be happier.

Oh, and Scott winning means another R pick up in the Senate.


Wow the media told me Kemp was a goner lol


Wow, I exited out of this thread and I couldn’t get back in…it was missing.

So I exited “Logged out” the forum to go eat diner. Come back and on none front page is this thread.

Did the mods made this a private conversation?

Well back to topic. I don’t think things are going the way the democrats had planned on.

Repugs may not pick up 4 or 5 seats in the senate but they will gain at least 3.

As for the house…they already declared that democrats had taken it.

Personally I think that’s premature…what happen if they don’t after telling their minion that they did?


Now D150 (+12) to R153


That’s why I quit posting there. It was one thing that they hated Trump and other Rs. But I began to think they hated us too. They all but called us racists at different times, and I think they really believed it.

Good riddance to that place.

Back to the election… don’t know if MO and ND have been called yet but looking good for Rs.


Interesting…and surprising. But it’s a little hard to deny when you are on tape. :sunglasses:


They are going to be inconsolable with Beto, Gillim and probably Abrams defeats.

Don’t know if ND was called, but on ABC they are talking about Heitkamp as though she’s lost. So that is three Senate pick ups so far with no losses.

I am so surprised, but in the most pleasant way.


Those losses right there are enough for me wear a smile all night long. :relaxed:


Same with me. Taking the house was expected, but the left wanted the emotional wins with those three I mentioned, plus holding the Senate to 50 or 51. They won’t get any of that.


Now D152 (+13) to R155


Does this mean trump can’t fix immigration? Scary


Not yet. Dems have to get to +23 to get 218 seats


Republicans keep the Senate