🔴 November 2018 Election Predictions - LIVE UPDATE THREAD


Now D153 (+14) to R155


I think the only reason the Democrats are winning anything right now is because of election fraud.


Now D153 (+14) to R156


Now D153 (+14) to R157


Now D155 (+14) to R158


My oh my, how the libs are beside themselves rubbing their hands in glee over the thought of investigations, investigations, investigations.

CNN hosts just about had an “organism” while they were talking about how glorious it’s going to be. :rofl::crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh and let’s not forget we are finally going to get to see Trump’s tax returns.

Well, hallelujah I know my life has been absolute hell not having seen them. :roll_eyes:

** bangs head against the wall **


Looks like a pickup of as many as 5-6 in the Senate so that’s a good night.

Gillum has just conceded the Governor’s race in FL, better news.

I really expected the republicans to hang onto the house with a narrow majority but it looks like they blew that one.

2 years of Nancy Pelosi running off at the mouth might just be a great thing going into 2020.

Maybe American needs a good reminder of just how far off to the lunatic left the Dem’s really are.


The good news is, if they impeach Trump, it’ll be much like when Bill Clinton was impeached- they will be able to try him, but he won’t be convicted, and thus, he’ll be able to stay in office.

If they do impeach and convict Trump, some how, some way, then Mike Pence will be president. It’s a win-win.


They haven’t officially won the House yet…just projected to win. However, the writing is on the wall. They will likely win the House.


I’m thinking if they thought 2016 was bad, 2 years of Pelosi and constant investigations into every nonsense under the sun, then 2020 is going to be EPIC…and not in the way they think it will be.


I think that the hate on the Hannity Forum is all about hating Sean and taking it out on anyone to the right of Bernie Sanders.


Exactly. It was rather expected to happen so I am not surprised. Granted, I was hoping against hope that we could hold on, but not happening.


I’m thinking the Dems are going to be showing their asses over the next 2 years and any hope they had of pulling people to their side is going to be gone short of the die hard partisans that are never going away anyway.

I will enjoy watching them implode.


I think the wave will turn out to be a mild disturbance.

Ever since the Republican party was overtaken by monopolists and libertarians, they’ve been focused on rigging the game, and non-corporatists everywhere caught on way too late.

Dems may take the House (and therefore get subpoena power), but they’ll have a tiny majority. A handful of prima donna blue dogs will essentially exercise veto power over any full-chamber actions. Democracy will be held hostage by a couple of folks who weren’t willing to stand up against concentration camps for children. After 2 more years of Trump packing the courts, nobody will have the energy to fight for all this shit in 2020: Trump and McConnell will win reelection, and Trump will put 2 more justices on the Court.

Dems don’t vote.


Keep in mind republican majority leader was missing in action.

Usually during the midterm election they’re out front and center leading the charge.

He was nowhere to be seen. Did manage to drum up some money but he never rallied the troops.

And Midwest could have used him.


We need to demand that they start their impeachment hearing ASAP.

And if they don’t…they’re base will riot.

Also if they work with Trump…they will riot. :wink:


If they nearing squeak by and get in…my bet they’re going to over play their hand. :wink:


Oh, it’ already on Conan.

They can’t control their glee about it.


The new faces of the Dems will be Pelousy, Shiftless, Mad Maxine, and Clueless Cortez.

That should serve them well in 2020…

Maybe Cortez can pour the Koolaid! :rofl: