🔴 November 2018 Election Predictions - LIVE UPDATE THREAD


Well they sure as hell taken it out on me. I must have 100 plus admin notices in my box.

Seriously. They spent year trying to rally around DrFunkenstein to ban me…and when he did it was because I typed BS in my post.

2 days later after email to the host it was lifted…never received apology from him.

He never logged in over at new forum.


Holy hell Idaho what the heck is your problem???

Looking at results so far in and there are Dems ahead in many races.

We are going to hell in a handbasket.

And the Prop to give Medicare to all is surging ahead.

Shaking my damn head.


Sweetie, she couldn’t read the directions on how to make it much less pour it.


Oh I know they’re going to overplay their hand.

It’s not some mandate if that’s what they’re thinking. And they going to to throw few bones over their base to keep their mouths shut.

The question is how many.


So you think she got fired as a bartender, and decided to run for Congress!



Has she even held a job before? :flushed:


Trump’s tax returns
Repeal tax cuts
Investigations into __________, _____________, ____________ etc. (fill in the blanks)
Gun Control

Just to start off


Oh, it gets funnier…

She had a small business in a startup incubator and was leading a charge to complain about taxes on small businesses.

Then she went on to Bartending, I think.

From the 10,000 foot level she simply looks like an opportunist that will say anything to win. More of a Bill Clinton than Bernie.


That’s all they have to crow about. All of their heartthrobs went down to defeat tonight, they have to be excited about something.


Well, I see her as a possible source of constant hilarity over the next few years.

I’m thinking she will rival Sheila Jackson-Lee in the saying stupid shit department.


This is exactly why I don’t think the outcome is so bad. I’m really happy with how the Senate went tonight, just waiting to see if McSally won as well.


I want to see video of the Beto victory parties that suddenly got the bad news. :grin:


I wish I could remember who posted it, but saw on my twitter feed this afternoon a video of a bunch of reporters swarming around Beto HQ. I’d love to see them now. :joy::joy::joy:

By the way, glad to see the Pink Panther is back.


I don’t think it’s all that bad either. We knew the House was going to go, but there was by no means a great thumping as Dems would have you believe. They pulled it off but really didn’t get the big wins in the races they were looking for.

Gaining Senate seats is just the cherry on top of what was already there. They will be a definite stop to too much nonsense from the House Dems in the future. Basically the Dems can bitch and whine and play cop with their constant BS investigations but the country will tire of that crap and if they really push to repeal the tax cuts that will be their downfall. People are finally getting ahead a little. That crap is not going to fly.

They will pretend they have some great mandate to burn it all down and overplay what support they do have. 2020 will be another shock for them.


Yep, Sinema beating McSally would be nigh unto evil.


Because Paul Ryan is missing in action. Usually it’s the majority leader to lead the fight.

Either way it’s going to be interesting watching libs cannibalize their own. At least maybe they won’t take the fight to the streets.


Oh hell, Pelosi is bloviating on their win right now.



Yep, brought him back. I kinda missed him too. :slight_smile:


It’s not me who said Rs would hold the house, that was @WildRose

I did think Dems would take it, but thought 50 or 60 seats was possible. Won’t be that I don’t think.

I believe Ryan and McConnell were raising money behind the scenes. It’s true neither of them campaigned for anyone as far as I know.


I got this video from inside Beto headquarters.


I have no idea how links work here, I hope that is ok. :slight_smile: