🔴 November 2018 Election Predictions - LIVE UPDATE THREAD


I honestly don’t think Dems having control for a couple of years is a bad thing. As @WildRose said, let everyone see how nutty they are.

I was watching ABC earlier and someone pointed out if they get too carried away with investigations it will repel a lot of people.


Bloomberg real time has McSally with a small lead but there is way to go yet. Can’t for the life of me figure out who would vote for Sinema. I is confuzzled.

16.79% reporting

Martha McSally R 642,607 49.2%
Kyrsten Sinema D 634,040 48.5%


I love how the liberals at the old forum changed their avatars to variations of the oompa loompa guy from Mario.

I wonder what it is supposed to mean?


Probably something to do with hating Trump. As usual.


I figured dems will pick up between 15 to 30 seats.

Repugs pick up 4 or 5 senate seats.

But I was hoping beyond all hope that libs wouldn’t win the house back…just so I could rub it in. :wink:


Someone pins this


I am really, really, really to watch Josh Hawley kick the lying, cheating McCaskill to the curb.

She got in via St. Louis machine political ballot box stuffing, and got caught completely lying to my peeps in the MO.

Good riddance McC, Welcome Hawley!


I was just going to ask if anyone had an update on that race. The page I’m getting returns on seems to be really, really slow in reporting that race.

I don’t get cable news so if anyone is watching and hears perhaps they could post it here.

I can’t understand how Sinema has it that close either. And Doug Ducey won easily, his race was called almost as soon as the polls closed.


So happy she lost. Same with Nelson.

With Donnelly, Heitkamp, Nelson and McCaskill defeated, that’s 4 pick ups for the GOP.


I’m watching that one closely too, so I’ll try to keep it updated. I’ve got like 12 tabs open trying to watch races and Idaho’s returns as well as my county. I’m going to need some coffee. :sunglasses:


Oh that would have been great for sure, but we will see what the nuts do, starting in January.

Most important thing is Rs can keep confirming judges.


Hawley was just on with an acceptance speech.

Nicely done.


I can’t get any results for Nevada either, I think Heller may lose that one.


He seems like a good guy. So glad she’s finally going to be gone.


Yeah 0 reporting.

But we did pick up 3 senate seats, Fla possible but I suspect they will challenge it.

Montana on 35 percent reporting Rosandale is down about 7…but I’m thinking that’s going to change real quick.


FNC calling Rick Scott winner!!!



I don’t know if Nelson officially conceded, but Gillum did, and Scott had a slightly wider margin than DeSantis did.

VERY relieved both of those races went the way they did.


Hey, Kristi Noem winner for Gov in SD!

Good on her.


Oh, that’s good. I had looked at it earlier and it was a nail biter. Glad she won.


Not reported yet. Just like here in m county. Polls have only been closed for an hour. It takes awhile to get the ballots to the courthouse.