🔴 November 2018 Election Predictions - LIVE UPDATE THREAD


OK, I will be back in a bit.


AZ02: Ann Kirkpatrick (D) defeats Lea Marquez Peterson (R ). Dem PICKUP. This district voted 49%-44% for Clinton in 2016.


I have NBC on. They are showing Betos concession speech. This is the guy they were so excited about?


Rove on FNC, 26 Dems that promised not to support Pelousy!

I place Occasional-Cocktail (Cortez) in nomination for speaker! :rofl:


He’s dreamy…



and cool/hip. Don’t forget that.

and I hear he rides a skateboard. Edgy.


Did she win in GA?


Eh, they did that last time too. She still won but Lord knows why.


Grown man that rides around on a skateboard???

Too cool for school!



Oh it’s got all the kids in a tizzy. Like I said … edgy.

Swoon worthy even.


Don’t faint now…this is just HOT in Dem circles.


She is down 52/46 with 83% according to FNC, and 51/48 with 99% (CNN) of vote counted.

Must have some mathematical probability for not calling it yet.


So Happy El Rato Won!


His campaign was also funding the migrant caravan.


Nevada is blank right now as there are still a few polling stations in Washoe County that are open due to state law that anyone inside the polling place at the time of closing must be able to vote.




Too close to call.


He had enough money to throw it out of helicopters.

He just chose to give it to invaders.

Somebody is going to write a book about how he raised that much money…


Walker is hanging in.

They tried to kill him so many times, he must be a cat.


Yeah, he’s ahead by a couple thousand right now, but dang. I may have to add something more stout to my pumpkin latte coffee right now.


Ah, that explains it.