🔴 November 2018 Election Predictions - LIVE UPDATE THREAD


Kemp won…


Oh, FNC explains that if Stacy (GA) can keep Kemp below 50%, it will force a Dec 4 runoff.

I was wondering why they were holding the call on that race.


This is where it stands right now.

93.13% reporting

Brian Kemp R 1,844,081 52.7%
Stacey Abrams D 1,620,382 46.3%
Ted Metz Oth. 33,746 1.0%


Yeah, you can hear the ballot boxes being stuffed…


Hey! You look familiar.


Hey, Ish in the house!!!

Yep, I just told the libbies over in Han-land: “Thanks for all the fish.”



Yay! Looks like Medicaid for all in Idaho at this rate.

Guess I need to find a third job to help pay for that shit.


Wow, I’m shocked that would pass in Idaho. Don’t tell me your state is trending left?


Yeah, I am getting seriously worried about my previously fiercely individualistic neighbors in Idaho.

They are beginning to look more like my previous neighbors in New Hampshire.


Scott Walker (WI Gov) looks like he just might pull out another election.

Go Scott!


Too many imports. Ada county is a lost cause as is much of Southern Idaho.

It’s getting crazy. This is the first time I have seriously been concerned and I wasn’t disappointed.

I mean this is the kind of crap we are now fighting HERE in a reddest of red states:

Laurene Sorensen is the Democratic nominee in the 5th Legislative District House B race. She’s challenging two-term incumbent Rep. Caroline Nilsson Troy, R-Genesee.

Appearing with several other Democratic candidates, Sorensen took part in a forum sponsored by the Palouse Democratic Socialists of America. In a rambling, three-minute response to one question, she took shots at Idaho, Boise and faith groups, as well as criticizing Nilsson Troy.

After suggesting that greater diversity is needed in the Idaho Legislature, Sorensen noted that Nilsson Troy “starts all her stump speeches saying, ‘I was born here, I’m the fifth generation of my family to be landowners here, and the fourth generation to graduate from the University of Idaho.’ ”

“And I’m thinking, ‘Sieg Heil,’ ” Sorensen continued, with a laugh. “You know, there’s a birther thing going on here and we need to fight that.”

Liberal nut jobs you would never think you would see here. And the dem candidate for Governor, don’t get me started. Paulette Jordan is too much of a circus to even entertain the thought of her winning. So far she isn’t but dayum…if you want some entertainment for the evening check out Idaho’s own “Native American”. Yeesh


Arizona still at the same numbers with more precincts reporting

32.17% reporting

Martha McSally R 670,390 49.2%
Kyrsten Sinema D 660,821 48.5%
Angela Green Oth. 31,234 2.3%


Election guru on Twitter was saying he thinks Walker will hold on, there are still outstanding votes in red areas.


Off topic but around here in wild kingdom a nice 4x4 blacktail was just standing in front yard by the apple trees for about 45/50 minutes. Then he headed over to pump house and bedded down near the blackberries. About hour or so one of local beauty came between the house and barn following her was old friend who I’ve known for about 5 or 6 years.

That 4x4 got up and came out of blackberries and came into full view. I thought here we go…finally able to witness two large bucks going at it.

My old friend rushed towards that 4x4 and lowered his head…4x4 ran off. Dammit.

Sadly my point and click camera got saw dust in the retractable lens and it won’t open up. :laughing:


That is how the details look. Milwaukee and Mad-city are mostly in…


Wow, I’m sorry nut jobs like that have even invaded Idaho. I think a lot of this happens when leftists flee states like CA, but bring their nuttiness with them.


And that is why I own a Canon SLR.

But that was the wrong thing to pick up. Last time I saw one of the Cervidae family in the yard, I grabbed my compound bow. Meat in the freezer. :slight_smile:


I go for the young one. :wink:


Wow, that’s really a nail biter. I wonder which areas they are still waiting to hear from. I’m hoping some heavily R ones for McSally.


McSally about to speak. She’s about 1% ahead with about 62% of the vote in according to FNC