🔴 November 2018 Election Predictions - LIVE UPDATE THREAD


ABC cheerleading that Medicare for All passed in three states.


I’m watching Montana. Rosendale is closing in.

That would be another flip.


Oh no.

But he says this about Montana

So Rosendale still very much in this.


But nobody stops to think about how we are going to PAY for it. It’s just free stuff for everybody!!! Yay!!!


Looking at it now.



I can’t find anything online that goes above 32% in. Thanks for the update.


Yes that;s so true. 20


Yeah, that looks only about half done.

Jon Tester* D 122,420 48.9%
Matt Rosendale R 120,744 48.2%


Check FoxNews.

They seem to be ahead of CNN on that race.


I have them on. I’ve been on Bloomberg and Politico for supposed real time updates on the races in the online genre.

I miss the ticker on Fox sometimes because I am not watching consistently. I’m also checking state and county results at the same time.

Busy, busy, busy. lol


Rosedale has a 54 vote lead. :joy:


The left just can’t give up their love affair with Beto. He’s the #1 trending topic on Twitter. Then someone tweeted this

I heard a bit of his concession speech, didn’t impress me in the slightest. Plus he apparently dropped some F bombs, which I guess is why the network cut off his speech.



If you want to see what I mean about Idaho check this link and look at where the blue is shining through. :slight_smile: It’s actually a little worse than that, but it’s a general idea.



:notes: Somebody’s maaaaaaaadd.:notes:


Poor little thing. Wonder if he will have to hock his skateboard for Uber fare.


Yes, I see the Boise area is where a lot of it is. So typical that leftists control the cities and conservatives the rural areas.

Thanks for that link too so I can check out other races. Now Tester is ahead by about 1000 votes.


McSally ahead by about 12000 now. She’s been leading all night that I’ve seen, but no idea what areas may be left to report.


Idaho and western Montana had seen large influx from California and Washington state.


OMG Joanne, I did some looking to see Beto’s concession speech and came across this little blurb about him using the F bomb. Apparently Cruz did an ad about it.

In fact, in September, Cruz released a [political TV ad](http://O’Rourke’s former opponent) featuring O’Rourke using the f-bomb in a speech to suggest that his rallies were inappropriate for children.

“So, he’s showing up across Texas, sharing his wit … his wisdom … and his character,” the ad’s voiceover said. “If Beto shows up in your town, maybe keep the kids at home. Beto O’Rourke, he’s showing the f-ck up.

I’m not a big fan of consistently swearing (I do my fair share BTW) but dang, that’s funny as hell. :joy:

Kind of like “this is a big fucking deal!!!”:joy: