🔴 November 2018 Election Predictions - LIVE UPDATE THREAD


Ok, that is strange.

CNN still has not called the race.

Ballot boxes being stuffed somewhere?


Yep, let’s leave the crappy state we can’t stand and move to a free state and try to change it into the state we just left behind. :crazy_face:

Liberal logic 101


Maybe they are in denial??? :thinking:


They just don’t want to give Rs credit. Since Nelson and Gillum have both conceded, it’s really stupid on their part not to call it.


I never write off to stupid actions by Dems, to that which I can accrue to devious.


Stacy Abrams speaking to crowd.


Oh gosh… that’s funny alright. :joy::joy::joy: Maybe that’s one reason why he’s such a heartthrob. Normally people running for political office are careful to avoid a potty mouth, at least while giving speeches.


Stacey (GA Gov) speaks, holds on for absentee ballots.

Hoping for a runoff.

Closing the night.


Look at this awful headline from Huffington Post.

Yeah, well Michigan also rejected the first black Senator, who happens to be Republican.


Always about race isn’t it?


Yes, to the left it is. They didn’t reject him because of his policies, but because of his skin color.

Same with Georgia. I know Abrams hasn’t conceded, but it looks to me that Kemp has won.


Unreal. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Nope not unreal. They are already out there yelling for a Beto/Gillum ticket in 2020.

This is why you don’t legalize pot. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:


Aren’t the absentee ballots already included in the totals at this point?


Oh no you didn’t!


Seriously LOL here.


Nevada results finally coming in. Heller ahead by 4 points with 22% in.


Just seen democrats lost a house seat. down to +24. At least according to FOX. :rofl:


The media made sure to point out two Muslim women (Dems) won tonight, but they will completely ignore this.


I’m going to laugh like hell if libs wake up tomorrow and don’t have the house…specially after NBC told them they have it.

Highly unlikely because of couple California seats are going to flip.


She’s Republican. Doesn’t count.