🔴 November 2018 Election Predictions - LIVE UPDATE THREAD


46.21% reporting

Martha McSally R 710,639 49.4%
Kyrsten Sinema D 695,179 48.3%

Official Arizona SOS site mirrors these numbers.


The SC seat that Mark Sanford lost in a primary has flipped to Dems. Apparently Sanford didn’t even have a D opponent in the general last time.


Confiscation of property? That starts tomorrow.


It is taking FOREVER to count that. McSally continues to lead but such a small margin so it might not be called until the morning.

By the way, I wonder how "Republican’ CNN contributor Ana Navarro took the Gillum loss? She said she was supporting him.


I know. I can’t believe it’s taking so long. Argh!!

McSally continues to lead even if by a small margin so let’s hope that continues.


Looks like Heller is going to lose, along with Laxalt.



62.63% reporting

Matt Rosendale R 163,057 49.1%
Jon Tester* D 159,599 48.0%


Walker has been defeated. That’s too bad but I thought it might happen.


Darn it…


Checking the SOS site, I believe the absentee ballots are already counted and in the totals. No idea what she thinks she is holding out for.


She’s really a sore loser I guess.


From the SOS site:

Party Candidate Election Day Absentee by Mail Advance in Person Provisional Votes
BRIAN KEMP (REP) 940,338 57,091 948,695 568 1,946,692
STACEY ABRAMS (DEM) 845,628 76,549 928,331 707 1,851,215
TED METZ (LIB) 24,649 1,147 10,372 5 36,173
1,810,615 134,787 1,887,398 1,280 3,834,080


We shall see where this leads,


Good Lord Arizona get your act together.

I want to know who won this thing. :confused:


The dust has not settled, and McSally, Stacey, Walker… notwithstanding:

We deserve a summary here.

  1. Waves
    a) The Blue Wave did sweep up an average number of House races, and took the House.
    b) The Red Wave did sweep the Senate. Oppose Kav and go home.
  2. The Purge
    a) Red in blue or Blue in Red were stomped
    i.e. Comstock in NOVA, or McCaskell in MO
    b) Manchin ducked it, McCaskel, Heitcamp, and others not so much.
  3. Money can (almost) buy you love
  4. State elections matter
    Dave Brat, who unseated a big time Repug, got defeated in a re-district.
  5. The lure of Medicaid/care for all continues to creep upon our Republic.

Bernie and his understudy Ocasio-cortez.
The ancient and/or house Lib leadership.
Trump at the state level.
Trump for Judicial nominees.
The crazy left in the House for stagnation by investigation.

Losers: (I will ignore the reflexive from the winners like the judiciary)
Virginia due to redistricting
The GOP house.
Nancy Pelousy?
Chuck Shumer.

Governors: I have not looked at this yet.

And YES, I will own it, I expected more.
Maybe Trump is more a product of Hillary being a miserable candidate, than a force of American nature.


Nuts isn’t it? She’s ahead by about 22000 but still lots to count yet.


So McSally is up by 15K votes with 98% in. The remaining county is Pinal, which apparently is GOP, So she will be the next Senator from Arizona.

Montana remains too close to call. Rs will have at least 54 senate seats.


Nah… I don’t think that is true. While, from my point of view, a disappointment is see this as affirmation of a long march right that began many years ago but only became apparent in 2010. The Tsunami turned to a blue wave, turned into what many would consider as a normal midterm result of a sitting president. On the Senate side however, as you pointed out, was a red wave… Most certainly repudiation for the hideous treatment of Kavanaugh but I would add that Trump did what most presidents would not have done and held on to his nomination and supported him to the end. People want to say that he waffled in his support because he made comments like ‘We will see what they do’ but the fact of the matter, he had no control over how they voted.

This battle between left and right is far from over but it is move in the correct direction. I posted this chart that came for 538 on another thread but I think it is relevant here which clearly shows the direction of movement away from the democrat dominated government that we have seen for the last 100 years.

Democrats picked up what is considered to be average mid term results… It is a long slog but the political perspective is move in the direction of the right. I think Trump is a force but he absolutely needs to understand the affects of what comes out of his mouth. Trump, to his determent does with most subject as he does with the press. It was good during his campaign and even perhaps during his first year to talk in generic term… i.e. ‘Fake News’. It drew much needed light to the subject but rather than continuing with blanket statements, he needed to stand at his bully pulpit and call out individual stories and speak to exactly what was wrong with those stories. This goes with immigration, healthcare, transexual and a host of other issues. He did sound somewhat contrite in his latest interview but for this election it was far too little and way too late.

The ball now is in the hands of the Democrats who say will be very transparent… but about what. The right still want answers about FISA warrants, just when Obama injected himself in to the Trump investigation and how. Loretta Lynch’s meeting with Bill, Holder and fast and furious etc, etc, etc. I doubt that the House will be little more than the boiling pot the left have been since the 2016 election nor do I believe Pelosi when she says the democrats will work across the isle… I remember too well the last state of the Union message for that to be realized. I suspect that if dems prove, as they are likely to do, to be a continuation of ‘the resistance’… pushing harder for amnesty and open borders, 2020 will relegate them to an irrelevant force…

That said, it is time for Republicans to 1. get organized in a very personal and door to door way (even if it means detailing body guards to watch over them) 2. It needs to learn how to talk about what it believes and why it believes it and more importantly how we move from where we are now with the systems, dependency and state interference that exists, to the place we want to take the country.


Has there ever been a more squandered opportunity?

Trump and the GOP controlled all three branches of government after the 2016 election, but instead of enacting Trump’s agenda and radical reform, what do they do? TAX CUTS for billionaires and huge multinational corporations.

This was effectively the last chance America had to resolve its fundamental problems in a democratic manner. Now that chance has been and gone. Some may still be optimistic about 2020, but I fear that optimistism is misplaced. The most likely scenario is that Trump loses, the GOP returns to neo-conservatism (they’ll probably retain the senate, but lose it in the next election) while the Democrats continue their descent into left-wing, anti-white radicalism. The US’ demographic problem will spiral out of control, boomers will die and the US will become solidly Democrat for the foreseeable future.

It’s not a pretty future by any stretch, but it’s the most likely one. Unless the near-impossible happens, I think we can safely conclude that America’s days as a white nation are over.


Here’s a heads up leftist minority’s don’t vote lol

And watch what happens after 4 years of watching Pelosi and waters yell and scream lol the walk away movement to will expand by 70% lol Trump will regain the house before it’s over. Don’t worry.