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General Reminder: Florida will be voting blue from now on for decades.


This. This. This. America is finished. We should all start learning to speak Spanish now and grovel at the feet of third world sub-humans because that’s where this country is going and there is no turning back. In fact, we should accelerate the decline and ultimate collapse.


We still control the House. Trump has a narrow but doable window to push through legislation now that the elections are over, and the strengthened Senate will confirm it if pressed. The ball is in Trump’s and the House’s court right now, if they play it right they can reenergize the base for 2020 and make the Dems look like impotent fools.

It’s not over yet - but if they do nothing then you will be correct.


There is method in their madness.


No. They’re still being filed out and mailed! It’s called Delayed Stuffing!


Interesting, trump is already trying to unite us.
Smart move.



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Wow, I needed that after watching Colorado go further blue. And the first openly gay democrat governor that bought the election for 25-30 million of his own money. A new Attorney General from the people’s republic of Boulder that has never had a court case. Who could ask for anything more. Maybe a democrat in the 6th congressional district that was gerry pandered a few years ago taking half of the GOP base and replacing it with the sanctuary city Aurora.


Three more close races for seats in the House of Representatives were called this afternoon.

All 3 for Republicans.


Hold your cursor over any state to see the results or ongoing tally for each race.

At 3:35PM EST Nov 7…of the 17 House races yet to be determined, Democrats lead in 6…Republicans lead in 11…


Good news…


He’s a woman’s man.
Pelosi will buckle under his flattery.


At 3:35 PM EST Nov 7 …of the Three Senate races yet to be determined…Republicans lead in all three.



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There have been a lot of key races won by Republicans this week, not the least of which are the Florida Senate and Governor’s seats.

If either Texas or Florida goes Blue you can pretty well forget a republican ever winning the presidency again unless we can flip at least two or three blue states in the MW to make up for the lost votes in the EC.


It may be premature to claim the Senate seat.


Florida is notorious for recounting close results.


LOL @ relax. … tell me more! tell me more!


The Democrats having a small majority in the House gives them big power in committees, but not so much in legislating. There are over 20 Democrats that do not like Nancy Pelosi…and may not fold to her voting orders.


he is Captain Marvelous to me (assuming u refer to Trump?)

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what happend in AZ?

still counting?


Yes…they are.


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