🔴 November 2018 Election Predictions - LIVE UPDATE THREAD


felons who have not done their time???!!



Damn! Sinema is back in the lead in Arizona counting…just barely!

Nov 8 7:15 PM EST



Dem^^^^^^Rep^^^^^% RPT



Well you sure got that wrong dint ya?


Ahh hope springs eternal. And if these lawmakers want any pork for their homestates they better learn to tow the line


Still shooting yourself in the foot Chuckie(Yeah, We know). Hows dem pups for supper?


Exactly. Hoootaahhh!!


There’s massive fraud going on there… two judges yesterday ruled in favor of Scott and against the Dems. But that’s just the beginning. Those two counties are like a banana republic.


Stormy Daniels said Donald’s penis looked like one of the mushroom shaped creatures from Mario Bros.
BTW, You guys are so far off about who is who from Hannity, but who cares right. You are here now. Good for you. Stay here. Let me tell you though, one of your most trusted is a double agent. Just saying.