Now The Media Is Saying... What Collusion?


Thirteen months into President Trump’s administration, there is still no evidence whatsoever that Trump or any of his associates colluded with Russian operatives meddling in the 2016 presidential campaign.

That total lack of evidence has some establishment journalists finally wondering if there wasn’t any Trump-Russia collusion after all, despite Democratic conspiracy theories to the contrary.

While the antiTrump collusion…er coalition will fall back on ‘Wait For What Mueller Finds Out’. The fact is, the left never held any lofty ideals of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ as an over riding value in our rule of law democracy. Convicting him in the media was almost as good as a real impeachment. Yes, we need to wait until Mueller takes his last breath in this matter and that might be quite some time given the extraordinary breadth allowed to him in is probes. I hope that everyone who approves of such a broad mandate from a prosecutor gets to have the privilege of having their entire lives and those of anyone they have dealings with raked over the coals only to find speeding tickets and a couple of dubiously worded comments 10 years ago…

While I am sure that Mueller will be thorough in his investigations… I have a nagging wonder as to just how much is not said as opposed to what is said. I have no doubt that if he brings charges it will be on things he learned… I just wonder about the things he learns that should have charges and never occur.


And the cost is incidental and should be accepted by all.

The interesting thing is we are beyond collusion.

We are beyond interference in our elections.

Now we are hoping to co-op someone to turn against Trump and impeach him.

And people wonder how we got this way.


I hope this Mueller investigation doesn’t turn into a dog and pony show. When will he indict all these co-conspirators . How many will induced with a plea bargain or immunity to testify.


It is already a dog and pony circus.

Hit the little guys and wait for someone to tell a convincing lie.


Have you seen how the TIC has been cunvolsing?? Have you heard of money laundering via non entities that buy realistate, have you heard of Rob Mueller??


Talk about convulsing… The left just can’t stand an investigation impeding or focusing attention on things not directly related to the impeachment of Donald J Trump. They really got butthurt over the last memo and with the promise of more public releases because of the uncooperative nature of the DOJ and FBI they are in a real tizzy… seems that seeking answers to the Clinton, DNC, Obama, Russa thing is far more than they can take. While we have never been privy to anything that would tie Trump to the Russians, the connections between Democrats and Russians seem to be coming Fast and Furious… speaking of Fast and Furious…


What was the propose of this multi-million dollar Mueller collusion investigation ? Why haven’t there been evidence of collusion with the Russians to date ? It looks more like a liar ,liar pants on fire investigation and if we intend to seek out liars start and end with Hillary Clinton !!!


But he has indicted Russians for interfering in our election where it is acknowledged that it didn’t affect our election.

I love the diversion and redirection to enable this kangaroo court to continue.


No immunities have been given yet. Flynn was the first to ask for it, but Mueller didn’t need to bargain with him in that manner. :wink: