Now the Nightmare Begins


The clear winner of last night is Vladimir Putin. Wikileaks, e-mail hacks, state-sponsored propaganda… it worked.

If there is (increasingly likely) a split in popular and electoral vote, that is the worst possible result. It would prove that Trump was right – yes, the system is rigged! In favor of white men, and against women and minorities. It would also create a presidency that is halfway illegitimate from the beginning.

There is a special place in hell reserved for James Comey. We will never know for certain but it’s quite likely that he threw the election.

The only silver lining… the GOP owns this, top to bottom. Anything bad happens, they own it, all of it.


My goodness there are alternatives for you:

Perhaps we can now normalize relations with Russia.

You blame wikileaks yet fail to say anything about who wrote the emails. Who was responsible for the content of the emails. Wikileaks provided a bright light into US politics and the corruption in politics and you whine about Russians not eve looking at what’s in your own back yard.

What you saw last night is that there is more to America than women, minorities, but there are people out there who are white, black, Hispanic, minority and they are tired of our corrupt government. Comey will not survive as he was corrupted by Lynch, Obama and at the last minute tried to level the playing field with the truth perhaps the truth will come out with a special prosecutor.

As a side note, why would the GOP own this? Obama has owned nothing for the last 8 years.


They are just mad that all of the executive orders of Obama are about to be flushed down the toilet. His legacy in the history books will be a one-liner: “First African-American President”

Obamacare is finished.

The Iran deal is getting torn to shreds.

Immigration laws are going to get enforced.

Politically correct culture is going to be destroyed.

Welcome back to America @FiredUpDem and @SteveSPHR


Will you give it a rest… as far as the GOP owning all of it… well, you liberals are on the streets breaking glass right now… should he send in the justice department or will you just continue to be the uncivilized, intolerant lot you have shown yourselves to be right up to inauguration cause you still have Obama’s protection?


Big D,
We have been living the nightmare for the last 16 years.
Corrupt government and political parties.


Your loser is on TV right now conceding. Enjoy.




What happened to Steve? Think he’s ok?:wink:


He briefly acknowledged Trumps victory a bit ago but I’m thinking that he’s not in the mood for much discussion of the situation or the facts that got us here…


Indeed, especially the ‘facts’ part- not something Steve or fired now have much use for. As for the Wikileaks and Russia blah blah- this should be illustrative


One of the highlights of the upcoming Trump presidency (say it Steve, say it fired up) will be the firing of Loretta Lynch, and the nomination of a conservative to the SCOTUS. Trump will have to act fast because every moocher in the country will be working to undo the House and Senate at the next midterm.
America, the part that doesn’t cross dress and demand you bow to them, the part that still believes in God and doesn’t call people of faith ‘primitives’, the part that doesn’t fall for something as stupid as ‘critical race theory’ - has finally spoken.


What is this @Ashley… is this a caricature of a ‘blue blood’… Reminiscent of a comment about Megan…


Don’t forget turning out the IRS… if Trump has been audited with regularity… he might want to spend some time with a broom in their offices as well…


Guess it was Steve that was surprised after all.

Maybe retreating to his safe place to mourn.


On the other board it was referred to as his moms basement because he literally spent all day posting liberal tripe day in and day out. No one believed he worked, much less in HR.


The IRS, EPA, DOJ, FBI all need a good spring cleaning beginning on Jan. 20th.


I am still sitting here this trying to digest the results from last night. I called out of work for the rest of the week. Its like a state of shock that I can only parallel with the feelings I had on 9/11 - the events that occurred in front of me are bigger than I can take in. I am in a daze unable to focus or function in a normal fashion.

I am left wondering what the future holds both in terms of the policies and governance which will follow, but also what this means as far as future campaigns that are run. Looking at the world from the perspective of Tuesday afternoon there was so much right.

  • Late night TV seemed to be across the board mocking Trump.
  • Trump had a long list of damning political gaffes - on video no less.
  • The debates did not go well for Trump.
  • The polls showed a solid Dem lead going into Tuesday night.
  • Newspaper endorsements were completely lopsided.
  • Clinton out raised Trump.
  • Clinton was supposed to have the data advantage.
  • Clinton was supposed to have the ground game advantage.
  • Obamas approval rating was doing good.
  • The recent economic report was positive.

All this added up to ‘not enough’.

So what is enough? What will it take in the future? What more were we missing?

It feels like we threw the kitchen sink at Trump and he just shrugged it off, and then proceeded to blindside the entire US political system.


I think history will tell a story of the time the democrats labeled half the country as racists, bigots, xenophobes, misogynists etc in an attempt to shame and intimidate people into supporting Trump.

The democrats then proceeded to think that people liked Obama acting as a dictator making his own rules via Executive Memo/Order. They truly felt that they knew better than the people of this country with whom they are supposed to represent. It has been a downhill slide for democrats since passing Obamacare with absolutely no republican support. They lost the House, the Senate, Governorships and tons of local seats with each election following the passing of Obamacare followed by questionable actions that some felt violated the US Constitution.

The vote for Trump in my opinion was more of a repudiation of policies that people feel were not best for our country which polls show 80% of respondents feel the country has been going in the wrong direction. These polls have been getting worse and worse the more democrats made decisions they felt as a group were best for the whole.

I also must wonder how many of the 60 million voters voted more against Hillary than for Trump. I guess the argument from the other side could be similar that people voted more against Trump than Hillary given their favorability ratings were both horrible.