Nurse Alex Wubbels


Poor lady just trying to do her job protecting the patient’s rights and upholding state/hospital policy. It’s an unfortunate proof that cops can be assholes to everyone regardless of color or gender. I do back the blue, however there are bad apples in the bunch. She was 110 % right in her job.


It isn’t against the law for providers to release medical records or information to anyone unless conditions are met, generally:

  1. You have the patient’s permission.

  2. You have a warrant.

Either of these must be very specific regarding what information can be released.


This is less about release of information (for which Utah’s HIPAA makes an exception for law enforcement purposes) and more about drawing blood without consent, which is actionable and may cost the nurse her RN license. The idiot cop should’ve asked for a previously drawn lab sample.


What I want to know is what cause, right and reason did the cops have to demand blood from an unconscious victim of a hit and run. I support and back the nurse 100%.


Police browbeating citizens to break the 4th amendment leads to mistrust of all police.


No matter what professions we are in, we tend to make mistakes sometimes like this officer did; he misunderstood the guidelines of the hospital etiquette. What’s important is that we learn from these mistakes to prevent more mistakes in the future, because if we don’t we are destined to repeat them.


Technically, the Supreme Court ruled I think in the 80’s (give or take) around that era that “there is to be no forced treatment without the patients consent” with or without a warrant makes no difference which seems to be what everyone is fighting over on this matter.

Know your legal basis.



The new word for Tyranny.

I can do whatever the fuck I want cause of: Exigent!

I’ll arrest you if you don’t compile with my illegal order cause : exigent

Exigent: Suspension of all rule of law, cause I said so.

I am a cop who said it was exigent, so I am now GOD!

Don’t you forget it!


This episode illustrates the separation of citizens and police. Dialog broke down, and the citizen got hauled off to jail. Yet another reason the police should be less like the military.