NYPD Officer Plugs Holes In Las Vegas Sheriffs Story


Once again simple mathematics shoot down the narrative that we are suppose to believe… First the ‘hacking’ of the DNC was debunked by the actual speeds required to move the amount of data in the time allotted… and now this… How did one gunman… a lone shooter pump out so many rounds in the time alloted by LVPD?

An then of course is McCains ankle boot… used on his right ankle to heal an Achilles injury but photographed at his daughters wedding on the left foot… wasup wit dat?


Let me get this straight, the LV Sherrif wants us to believe that the massacre involved 1100 shots fired and that there were 4000 rounds more on hand–

I’ve been around some very good machine-gunners, but a 50% connection rate at 400 yards is beyond phenomenal – if he’s going to blow smoke up our asses could he have the decency to do it right?


With over 20 Automatic weapons in his possession and large capacity magazines a semi –automatic can have a cycling rate of 120 rounds per minute per rifle , and the shooter fired for close to 15 minutes . These rifles were on tripods and lined up ready to go . To fire 1100 rounds in 15 minutes requires less than 40 rounds per minute per rifle , very possible indeed !


Well their are some limits here. Of course their are a lot of details that we don’t know but presuming 1100 rounds expended that is a sustained fire rate of 73 rounds a minute. While some of the weapons were prestaged, many were arraigned in the middle of the room. For a single shooter to move between 3 different orientations (a target set at each window and then down the hall), even with bump stock devices that are notorious for being temperamental… and reloading (even if each gun had 50 round magazines which we know most could not have- I saw stacks of what appeared to be 30 round mags) would have made that a difficult task. Add that the steadiness required for the lethality he inflicted, and finger fatigue… I think that, while not impossible,… improbable…


“most modern semiautos use 30-round magazines, which means the mag would have to be changed six times to reach the magic 180 number. An expert can change a mag on some rifles in about two to three seconds (depending on the gun and how he/she has staged the mags), but that’s still 12–18 seconds of lost shooting time per minute. So a maximum theoretical rate of about 138 rounds per minute.
For an average shooter, you’re talking about a top speed of about two shots per second, which means you’re emptying a mag in 15 seconds. Reloading takes maybe four seconds, so it’s 19 seconds to empty a mag and recharge. So the effective rate is about 90 rounds per minute, not counting the time it takes to aim.” Just saying , properly staged , 1100 rounds in 15 minutes with 23 rifles ready to go , cuts down on reloading and makes the 1100 number very reasonable .