Obama Admin Sues Trucking Company for Making Muslim Drivers Deliver Alcohol


Obama Admin Sues Trucking Company for Making Muslim Drivers Deliver Alcohol .
When a Christian decides not to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding the grounds that it goes against their religion, they are sued for refusing to do the job. One would think that the same would happen when a Muslim truck driver refuses to make a delivery of alcohol because it goes against his religion. He would be sued for refusing to do his job.


How about a Christian pharmacist being forced to dispense birth control pills… This list can be endless.

The left has used the 1964 civil rights act as cover to push their agenda to the extreme left by preventing employers from hiring and directing the sale of ‘their’ products as the choose… now the left want to perform a bait and switch with regard to that law. It is time to reexamine this hideous and in many ways insidious law and deconstruct it article by article; keeping what is true to the constitution and discarding anything remotely in opposition to it.


That can be applied to just about everything liberals do and say , they are 100% hypocrites !!!


Government picking winners and losers is a mainstay in government over reach.

The sad part is a jury gave the 2 morons who accepted the job knowing they would deliver alcohol 240K in compensation.

Isn’t government interference wonderful???


Another OJ jury making a bad decision. Its similar to a Sikth having a job as a cook and refusing to shave or remove the turban.


Not really… I would say that he was wearing the turbine and sporting the beard when he was interviewed… if that bit of criteria didn’t come up then the employer was remiss…


They beard nets and hair nets for exactly this reason. If the Muslim had a problem delivering alcohol he should have said something. This is lawsuit opportunism. He took the job knowing he could sue them.


What has happen to our judicial system ? We have judges that can’t follow the law and juries that award money like it’s candy .