Obama NSA Advisor Susan 'Benghazi' Rice Requested the Unmasking of Incoming Trump Administration


Anyone who believes Rice is alone in this treason or that she acted solely on her own initiative I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.


Susan Rice doesn’t brush her teeth without instructions from someone else. She did not instigate this. She got orders to serve as the patsy and will fall on her sword to protect her Masters.


Compared to gun running in Libya this is child’s play.


Keep dreaming. Did she collude with a foreign government? Did she take money from foreign governments?

Nope. That would be Trump.


Be criticalThinker
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I guess when you’re “with her” for a while you become “like her”.


Very clever.

Not clever enough to dispute the very simple facts that I have provided.

Show me some evidence that Rice was colluding with a foreign government. Show me some evidence that Rice took money from foreign governments.


Dirty Rice was a good little lapdog during Benghazi and was promoted to NSA for her obedience. This, too, is doing what she was told - you can bet on it!


I’ve been hearing that for months and reading ‘news’ articles indicating that Trump has done those things but all that seems to be coming to the surface is democrat tin hats scurrying around like rats trying to make it so and coming up empty… Oh, as far as that foreign money angle… we’ll get back to Hillary soon enough. One thing you guys just haven’t learned about Trump is that you don’t kick him without expecting him to kick back. The only way he gets control of his presidency now is to use his resources as president to do exactly what dems have tried to do to him… Kind of like the nuclear option in the Senate… once you play tricks to get your way, all bets are off…


If the FBI and CIA cant even provide evidents for such, please dont boldly claim so yourself. And no, cnn and wapo are not reliable sources


Why should the DEMON CRAZIES ever be trusted again?


But I thought she said she had never heard any of this before?


News stories are beginning to pile up but the MSM remains silent?

Looks to me like they are going to make her the patsy expecting that to be the end of it. I trust that Jeff Session will use all the dead bodies as stepping stones all the way to the top!


The story about Susan Rice being caught red handed spying on Trump and lying about it to the American people is perhaps the biggest political news story of the last 40 years.I just checked the MSM sites and not one of ABC NBC or CBS has said a word about it. Isn’t that interesting?


Yes Claire the level of MSM regiment rivals only that of Pravda under the old USSR.


That would be HILLARY AND Slick Willie !!


They will be forced to cover it now. Trump just retweeted Drudge on the spreadsheet story.


Why did she LIE about it then ? http://100percentfedup.com/watch-susan-rice-lie-about-spying-on-trump-i-know-nothing-about-this-white-house-computer-logs-say-shes-lying-video/


That would be TEAM HILLARY !!!
Investigative reporter Peter Schweizer has obtained proof that Clinton campaign chair John Podesta illegally received over one billion rubles ($45 million dollars) from Russia.



You were ahead of the news cycle @CriticalThinker but yet you managed to say exactly what they would say today. That hive mind of yours is really synced up.


They are claiming “no evidence” while trying to shift the narrative. It’s not working.