Obama NSA Advisor Susan 'Benghazi' Rice Requested the Unmasking of Incoming Trump Administration


I mentioned last weekend that after Burbank Shiff saw the information last Friday evening that the conversation would change substantially by this Thursday. The shift has begun.

The minds full of mush out there eat it up:

First Lois Lerner screwed the Tea Party

Second Loretta Lynch ended the Rule Of Law on that plane in Arizona

Third Susan Rice ordered unmasking of political opponents

The emperor Obama has no clothes


The only foreigner who screwed with the election was Obama.


The ends justified the means Barista.


Bowtie faggot Don Lemon said that CNN will not cover the Susan Rice story because they do not want to insult the intelligence of their viewers and do not want to “aid and abet” the people who are trying to misinform the American people by creating a diversion.

  1. CNN has no intelligent viewers
  2. The real diversion is not covering a breaking news story because you don’t like it


How is CNN even on the air anymore? Their job is to report the news not filter it.



House Intel Panel Asks Susan Rice To Testify

If former National Security Advisor Susan Rice though she couldget away from the current furoreover the Trump “unmasking” scandal with just one MSNBC interview in which Andrea Mitchell did not even ask her why she lied two weeks ago to PBS, she will be disappointed as moments ago Dow Jones reported that the House Intelligence Panel has asked Susan Rice to testify, supposedly under oath.

The next question on everyone’s lips:will she plead the Fifth?

As a reminder, earlier in the day, the MSNBC anchor asked Susan Rice if she would testify before congress as Rand Paul requested, Rice responded by changing the subject to Russia.

“Rand Paul is suggesting that you be subpoenaed to testify. Would you be willing to go to Capitol Hill?” Mitchell asked.

“You know, Andrea, let’s, let’s… see what comes,” she said. “Umm, I’m not going, ahh, you know, sit here and prejudge, but what I will say is that the investigations that are underway as to the Russian involvement in our electoral process are very important and they’re very serious. Every American ought to have an interest in those investigations going wherever the evidence indicates they should.”


Interesting tale of inbred reporting… or is it incestuous politicos…(About @Jim 's Post #15 )

This is the article by the CNN reporter referenced by redstate.com


Might as well toss nepotism in there too. So many of Obama’s senior staff were either married to or related to high level press and media executives.


Nothing to see here folks…


Why hasn’t anyone questioned WHY the media is ignoring this explosive story ?


BC no one pays them to


Textbook coverup. Nothing up my sleeve.

The house of cards is finally colapsing.


Hey CNN,

If what Susan Rice did was no big deal then you and your fellow liberals won’t mind if the Trump administration engages in the same behavior - right now.

Let’s start unmasking names until we find a few key Democrats and discover what they are up to - then leak it. No biggie, right?


This train does not stop!


Covering up the facts is their reality. Fake actor corporate globalist news is not for public information, it’s misinformation lies and furthering propaganda for a political news monopoly.
One big problem they have, is no one believes them anymore.


I am afraid that unless an unbroken chain between Rice’s unmasking and Obama’s 11hour change in dissemination regulations can be connected to a leaker, that story will never get the msm attention that it should and the ‘fresh evidence’ about Trump will continue to be manufactured. Fact is, if Trump or any of his people is dirty, I wanna know about it… but I have yet to hear anything more than third person hearsay with a nice twist of journalistic license…


Susan Rice doing some jive talk on CNN yesterday.

“I leaked nothin to nobody”

I thought CNN vowed not to cover this story because it didn’t happen and was completely fabricated? Now they have Rice on…who didn’t deny anytjing, sh jusy said she didn’t leak nothin to nobody.

Some of the other CNN “reporting” is also saying that Rice did nothing illegal.

CNN needs to make up their mind on what story they are going to shill for Obummer and his mulatto lackeys.


The Rice interview on MSNBC was done by Andrea Mitchel, wife of Allan Greenspan.

The incestuous DC atmosphere. What a Web has been weaved.

Drain the swamp, muck out what’s beneath. This is only the beginning of the exposure of the elite insiders.

Primary the rhinos, defeat the leftist. Shine a bright light on the entire sordid, bloated, Harkonnen lot.