Obama’s Presidential Library Is Change Chicagoans Can’t Believe In


What constitutional crisis???

You mean the reality that we don’t have enough pilots, we downsized the Army to pre WW2 levels because we downsized the military in the last 8 years?

Didn’t know you were so concerned about the military.


Hopefully you’ve stabilized by now.


Must be good to make BS statements pass BS information without answering for it. And they said there were Russiabots about, I thing your one.

I think he’s laughing at YOU.


Have you lost your mind ? What fucking constitutional crisis are you talking about .
The one where a sitting President orders the NSA to spy on the opposition party candidate .
I spent most of the first 36 years living in and then working out of Chicago .
Obama turned his back on Chicago and it’s citizens then he wants to build his non library in a park is a joke .


If a crime was committed with regards to that, hell yes. Would you be disagreeing with that??


I’ve already said that PL’s are a waste of money.


That’s not a constitutional crisis but a criminal act.


Or maybe a Mueller investigation that leads to a Trump impeachment

Lecture 22

  • Constitutional Crisis and Impeachment of a President



And how much more time and money should be wasted before you cry uncle and admit there’s nothing there?

Controversy surrounds Robert Mueller and his investigation into the Trump-Russia collusion mirage. Some maintain that he is the ultimate professional dedicated to following the truth, but others say he is a political hack.

In September of 2001, an entity began mailing anthrax through the U.S. postal system, hitting such prominent targets as NBC and Senator Tom Daschle’s office. The terrorist attacks killed five and left others hospitalized. The world panicked.

Under Mueller’s management, the FBI launched an investigation lasting ten years. The bureau now brags about spending “hundreds of thousands of investigator hours on this case.” To fully appreciate the Mueller response – whom his people investigated, targeted, and found guilty – it is appropriate to first build context.

No indictments.


When Bush wanted to pass the VERY UNCONSTITUTIONAL Patriot Act, Tom Dacshel and Patrick Leahhy were opposed to it and both of their offices were anthraxed. This is the bullshit that America has had to endure forever. Leave it to the traitorous partisans here to ignore this shit.


For me its not the building, its access to his documents… They are the important things… Chicago will decide what they give him in land and taxes… I want the documents that, even if it takes years to release, will show him as a corrupt, vial man the Americans in general and blacks in specific should be ashamed of…


I tuned in to watch mourning joe today to catch their response to the State of the Union and found the constitutional crisis was alive and thriving in lib’s land !
This must be a new catch phrase for the lib’s on the left in a attempt to counter the soon to be released memo !
Lib’s are reduced to hoping President Trump fires Muller so they can have their constitutional crisis . Pathetic the once working mans party is pathetic hoping for a constitutional crisis to distract from their fractured platform !


Rahm Emanuel: You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.

And when you don;t have one create one.

The way progressives like monte continue to play the game of politics.


I was going to make note of that earlier when I read one (actually more than one) of @Montecresto1 comments that use the new buzzwords… Constitutional Crisis…

Did you here… their is a ‘second’ dossiers that has just popped up?

They have to keep the noise turned up full volume…


it was compiled by a journalist with loose ties to Hillary Clinton’s camp.

Cody Shearer, a reporter who was close to former President Bill Clinton in the 1990s, wrote the second dossier

As you were not associated with the Clintons, I suggest you write a dossier which would likely be more objective. for review by the FBI. They are bored.


This maybe bullshit or not but look who was head of the FBI when it happened .
Leahy, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, was told of the discovery about 6 p.m., when FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III called him at his Virginia home.
Can’t make this up Muller again ?

In his email, Ivins volunteered to help take things further. He said he had several variants of the Ames strain that could be tested in “ongoing genetic studies" aimed at tracing the origins of the powder that had killed five people. He mentioned several cultures by name, including a batch made mostly of Ames anthrax that had been grown for him at an Army base in Dugway, Utah.

To many of Ivins’ former colleagues at the germ research center in Fort Detrick, Md., where they worked, his invitation to test the Dugway material and other spores in his inventory is among numerous indications that the FBI got the wrong man.

What kind of murderer, they wonder, would ask the cops to test his own gun for ballistics?https://www.propublica.org/article/new-evidence-disputes-case-against-bruce-e-ivins

Seven years later, as federal investigators prepared to charge him with the same crimes he’d offered to help solve, Ivins, who was 62, committed suicide. At a news conference, prosecutors voiced confidence that Ivins would have been found guilty. They said years of cutting-edge DNA analysis had borne fruit, proving that his spores were “effectively the murder weapon.”


Robert Mueller and team have a long undistinguished history.

Fraser-Liggett, who did some of the pioneering genetics work for the investigation, remains unconvinced.

“This was not an airtight case, by any means. You know, I think that, for an awful lot of people, there is a desire to really want to say that ‘yes, Ivins was the perpetrator. This case can reasonably be closed. And we can put this tragic chapter in U.S. history behind us,’” she said. “But I think part of what’s driving that is the fact that, if he wasn’t the perpetrator, then it means that person is still out there.”


And you cannot have the documents.

The building is a monument not a library as other presidents have built.

They may carry the local paper and of course a gift shop.


It’s suppose to have a basket ball court .


LeBron James is probably under contract to give him lessons.