Obesity becomes worldwide epidemic, US is the fattest


Tell me, what aren’t the tax payers on the hook for at this point? Just because our elected officials pass laws designed to extract money from every working US citizen why am I not free to make personal decisions about what I choose to eat? If you want to control what people decide to consume join the Democrats.


Three of my siblings are obese. My older sister has, through many surgeries, etc. cost insurers well over one million dollars. At what point do we say ‘enough; you have to grow up and make responsible choices, or we’ll no longer subsidize your medical bills’.

If someone has a disease through no fault of their own- type 1 diabetes, Graves disease, etc. I am all for doing whatever is necessary to help them. Those who squander their health through continuous instant gratification should not be subsidized by those of us who don’t.

Conservatives are hammered as ‘uncaring’ because they want to rein in costs, liberals believe that life should be ‘no fault/no consequences’ - stupid choices?, it must be because your wages are low; smoker, and now you have lung cancer? it must be because of systemic racism; and on and on and on.

Technology shares the blame here, though perhaps I should say, our penchant for subbing the PC/phone for an active lifestyle.


And why should I be required to pay taxes that support healthcare for those that make poor lifestyle choices???


I didn’t say you were. I have that cost too. But conservatives dictating what people consume is no different than Dems pushing ACA. Don’t be a RINO. You want the laws changed, that’s what elections are for.


I don’t believe government should dictate what people eat nor provide healthcare after their poor choices.

This is why our government is as screwed up as it is.


Perhaps in some very small cases but it’s more likely they can’t control their eating .


Greens, fired up, greens- cruciferous greens (no, not what you spend our tax money on stuffing in your bong). They are cheaper than eating out - even fast food. But they require cleaning and preparation- work, or effort. _That is what is anathema to most of the poor.

Raising the min. wage means little more than a squall of fast/junk food spending as the poor will buy bigger TVs, bigger bags of kettle chips and thus make ever larger impressions in their long suffering fast furniture.


Wow, you must be a rich man wallowing in his money. Sad people still think like that…


I don’t see that he is so far off the mark. Time and time again, cooking nutritious meals is a lost art for a good number of people… Bean dishes give you protein… you can buy them by the bushel basket… Rice dishes have been a staple of the poor around the world for eons. When I go shopping I sometimes make a study of what people put in their carts (shopping trolley, here) and consistently you will see larger people with piles of breads, cakes, crackers, chips and cookies… and ready meals. thinner people, not so much. Actually preparing food is much cheaper, obviously than ready meals and provide much more nutrition than fast carbs. Oh yes… when I see a cart full of breads, I also see some type of carbonated drink… I drink a lot of water… and iced tea… tea bags aren’t dear and a little bit of sugar can go a long way…

P.S> I’m far from being a ‘rich man wallowing in his money’…


My bad, should have quoted. That reply was to DocGreen. I wan’t saying that to you. I thought it would show that, maybe I didn’t reply to him.
But yes, some people are just FAT from their eating habits.
Some, like my wife, are just “fat” people. Me and her eat the same things MOST of the time. I am “under weight” while she is OVER WEIGHT.
Clearly it isn’t the food, it is her metabolism.
Some people, mostly poor people, work alot… and don’t have the time… with the money… Yes, they probably could make time, but then they wouldn’t be able to watch CNN now would they…


I injected myself into that comment. The ‘he’ in my opening line was @docgreen. I do realize that some people have metabolic problems… that is a fair comment, but either someone is carefully orchestrating an epidemic of overweight and obese people in a way in which they have absolutely no control, or the ‘excuse’ of some milady or another is seriously over used by people who willfully refuse to accept responsibility for their own health. With some 70% of the US population deemed overweight, I would suggest that for the vast majority of them a positive number in relation to Calories In - Calories Expended = FAT. That isn’t meant to be harsh on your wife; I don’t know her but I have a fair relationship with the Diabetic Nurse that I see here in the UK and she and I talk often about the number of people who would rather take the prescription than do what is necessary to control their own blood sugar… I have successfully controlled my diabetes with diet and exercise for almost a decade. At first they (the health care professionals) were quite surprised when I rejected the meds for an occasional prescription for glucose test strips…


Oh, I am not saying that it all is. There is definitely an epidemic by all indicators.
I think that has more to do with the processed foods then anything.
And It is VERY expensive 4x more I would say to eat healthy.
Some/alot of people don’t have that option.
Also look at we are marketed to, mind programming works…


There is a small percentage that are overweight due to health issues or genetics.

For most it’s related to what you eat, how often, what time and or cause activity level.

2 people can eat the sam thing and one will be over weight the other not. Exercise, activity level is in many cases the determining factor.



It’s all about choice.

People chose to drink sugared soft drinks.
People chose to eat chips.
People chose to eat candy.
People chose to eat fast food.

So we are either a free nation which includes choice or we are not.

Th down side is after making poor choices and being the fattest in the world by choice, the government says I’m here to help with healthcare which others will pay for.