Observations made on regressive liberal message board behavior


After nearly 20 years of being on message boards of all types, I recently put together a list of the tactics used almost universally by hate filled regressive liberals. Many of these traits can be seen on any comment section, any message board or any chat room anywhere any day and at any moment. I call these observations Regressive liberal rules of engagement. Feel free to copy them or not, call for my head and my immediate removal or any combination thereof. :slight_smile:
Regressive liberal ROE

  1. Demand a link or an explanation of the truth they are objecting to.

  2. Promptly reject all explanations as right wing lies. Smoke spin deflect

  3. Ignore any facts presented.

  4. Ridicule spelling and typos, punctuation.

  5. Attack the person as being juvenile, ie: “are you 12 years old”, question their education, intelligence.

  6. Employ misdirection,

    6a. smear people

    6b. attack religion

    6c. attack their rationality.

  7. Lie, make false assumptions

  8. Play race/gender card/misogynist card

  9. Play gay/lesbian card

  10. Play the Nazi/Fascist card

  11. Make up stuff/So you got nothing?

  12. Deny constantly

  13. Reword and repeat

  14. Pretending not to understand, playing ignorant

  15. When losing, resort to personal attacks.

  16. Russia

  17. Fox News/Alex Jones/Brietbart/infowars/Stormfront



Great list and you won’t get any calls for immediate removal here. They all do follow the same script and never deviate from it. It’s hysterically predictable.

Bullet 17 is ranked by level of triggering. Don’t know if that was intentional or not but the screams will get louder the further right on that list you go.


Indeed you are correct. Thanks. Stormfront is usually reserved for when you have told such a big truth that their heads are near bursting from the pressure built up wearing their pussy hats.


I think the only leftists who post on message boards are the paid ones. Leftist don’t leave their bubble unless they absolutely have to. @docgreen2010 posted a video about this but I can’t remember what it was.


I agree with you. Our side does some of that to, but honestly, very rarely with the hatefulness of liberals. I slapped this together sometime back:

The Liberal creed:

Now I get online to post
It’s where I get to bully most
If someone disagrees with me
Or points out failures there to see

I first deny, deny, deny
And say their words must be a lie
If then they show me actual facts
I go with personal attacks

I call them racist, bigot, bagger
And hope they’re cowed by pseudo swagger
If they persist – (and that’s my terror)
I compare to someone else’s error

I’m always right, I’m always mad
They’re always wrong, and always bad.
We liberals never know defeat
No matter how many times we’re beat.