Of Course Some Of The Chaos In The Trump White House Could Have Come From People Like These?


Keep in mind that Trump was a complete political novice. Staffing would have, in most cases come from political operatives knowledgeable about the available talent in Washington looked like… Trumps biggest mistake was hitching his wagon with Reince Priebus. Leaks and ‘unnamed sources’ added fuel to a fire that nevertrumpers were anxious to set…

Before joining the Trump administration, the White House principal deputy press secretary, Raj Shah, called President Donald Trump “a deplorable” and referred to the release of the Access Hollywood tape as “some justice,” according to private messages independently obtained and verified by New York. Shah, who worked at the Republican National Committee during the 2016 election, also asked an RNC colleague to dig up an old video clip of Trump that shortly afterward showed up in a Jeb Bush commercial.