Officers Declare Family’s Beloved Pet Deer ‘Illegal’ — Promptly Kill it In Front of Them


Back on Dec. 19, Kansas game wardens came to the home of Mark and Kim Mcgaughey as per a deer they said the family kept illegally as a pet. The mule deer doe, which the family had named Faline and had for about 22 months, was eventually shot and killed by game wardens a few minutes later, on the property.

This video really pissed me off.

Who was in the right?


I wonder what “law” was being broken. It’s things like this that make my blood boil.


Deer are illegal pets. When deer are introduced to other species diseases run rampant. Not to mention all the other bad scenarios of a “friendly” deer approaching other humans or domesticated animals.

He gave them a prior warning and had to come back weeks later.

The owners should be shot along with the deer.


Authoritarianism sucks. I hope we don’t just get used to it in the next few years…


I would have flipped the F out. I clearly would have been shot, or beaten and taken to jail - if they tried to do anything to my animals (family)
Screw Humans, animals are my friend.