OFFICIAL LIVE: 2018 State of the Union Address


I love all of this tax slash talk. We need more of this.


Has any State of the Union in recent memory had this much factual positive change right up front? Seriously. I love Trump but we’re just getting started and these are some no bullshit accomplishments in 11 months.


Better question…when was the last SOTU that was this pro-American!


This boy is a true American.


I know. Such a change from leading from behind and bowing to the international community.


He broke her stupid ass…



I’m glad he’s getting to infrastructure. It’s sorely needed and it’s probably his strongest area.


Bring it to MS-13 let these people in Congress see the lives that are destroyed by illegal immigration.


Two things that really stood out -

  1. all but two or three Dems refused to stand when he spoke of the flag and the pledge.

  2. all of the Black caucus with their idiotic faux African scarves, sat and fumed when Trump mentioned record low Black unemployment.


It’s funny how the democrats LOOOVE blacks so much but don’t care when they’re murdered by illegals.


Bernie looks 1000 years old tonight

Pelosi looks like his mother.


Wall, end chain migration good. DACA bad!


Americans are dreamers too.



If it does we win. Period end of story.


We need to hire Duetre and make him the drug Czar.


Immigration reform is much more important then the so called Dreamers. One million non-White low IQ immigrants come in every year. In just two years that is more then 1.8 million.


First black president…couldn’t get anywhere close.


The optics tonight are phenomenal! The Dems look like antifa in pricier clothes. They look sour, angry, and petulant. There’s enough here for hundreds if election time commercials.


It’s about damn time. No more US dollars to enemies of America.


Otto was a dumbass to go to NK but it’s too bad his stupidity killed him.