OFFICIAL LIVE: 2018 State of the Union Address


That North Korea story…yikes. Tough bastard.


President Trump’s closing speech was one of the best I’ve ever heard. I’d love to see how the left spins this - it’s impossible.


I’m sure the chosen Kennedy (OMFG- the Dems are THAT stupid!) will spin a leftist story for all the Swathmore Froshes…


Oh wow…this DNC response is smarmy already.


LOL - he’s speaking at a tech school- comical since the Dems look down on such pursuits.


Yes…and a Kennedy complaining about wealth.


What’s in the corner of Joe Kennedy’s mouth. It looks like lipstick.


He’s playing all the cards - even faith- which Dems. see as primitive superstition. Could this dilettante be any more of a weenie.

He is yammering in platitudes that work for New Englanders who will lick up any slop a Dem. Pol upchucks. He is making all sorts of ridiculous false accusations. I just hope the average American can see through this ‘boy’s’ Jr. High campaign speech.


This guy is an idiot. Loves his identity cards though.


Out comes the Spanglish


Probably something left by an MS 13 ‘member’.

Good grief he offers zero substance, just that Republicans are somehow all the bad things.
Now he’s going in Spanish to people raised here- certainly shows where the Dems are pinning their hopes going forward.


This is an utter disaster. I hope that the Dems pin all their hopes on this clown.


Drooling, BLM, spanish speaking, trannys, Democrats. Speech over.



I had to shut down that response crap! Divisive and hateful! And part of the problem with this nation! Kennedy?

We need to put a limit on families running the fucking country!


Bernie is doing his own response. He’s literally ranting at a camera. Just as I posted his feed went off. He probably hit the wrong button.


Look on the bright side. That was the best they could do.


Lol…was that the best the Dems could do? Roll out a weak-spined ginger Kennedy who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth to whine about the injustices of being poor…really sad.


Was he drooling? Is the great hope of the Democratic Party really a drooling ginger whose chief qualification is that he comes from a long line of assassination victims?


The REASON for sour faces among the Congressional Black Caucus, ultra-liberals like Pelosi, and such: MEMO DAY, THE DAY OF RECKONING IS NEAR.

Their 1st Black President, Hillary, Comey, and the rest on down the line are at the mercy of Trump and he will release the memo which demonstrates their corrupt, traitorous agenda to steal the Office of President.