OFFICIAL LIVE: 2018 State of the Union Address


Now I regret not watching the response. This will destroy his 2020 run. It’s a Rubio water moment.


Don’t know I seen many a mouth like that as I zipped up… jus sayin.


The optics for Kennedy!!! Hahahahahahaha! He’s a’workin’ on them thar cars in that thar ga-rage and whatnot, like a regular white feller! LOL. This is the highlight of the night. Hilarious.


My two favorite sound bites of the night:

  • We’re gonna get the Motor City revving again
  • Americans are dreamers too


Seriously, screw these morons in their we wuz kangz regalia… clearly they’re pissed off that blacks have jobs, because then the gibs will go away.


I miss the daily lecture from Barack Obama. (isn’t sarcasm wonderful?)


No mention of E-Verify, devastating. The #1 draw to illegal economic migrants is the ability to secure a job…


Quite the contrast to Obama’s ‘Me, Myself and I’ comments in any speech he gave

President Trump used the word “I” 29 times in his speech, while using “we” 129 times. Another communal word used often by the president: “our,” which he used 104 times.



This is what I saw:

This is also what I saw:


The most galling demonstration of incivility for Trump’s SOTU speech. They scowled, frowned, and sat on their hands throughout the speech.

They hate Trump so much they have regressed to being playground bullies, a gang of horrid little toddlers.

When he called for unity and working together they sat on their hands their intent for working on any bi-partisan agreement clearly transmitted. But this is how half the country is today. Little bullies and when they don’t get their way they pout and throw a tantrum.

They are making it easier for the GOP in 2018 and certainly 2020 as they bring nothing to the table.



Very nice !!! Way to go !! :star_struck:


I quite liked the juvenile display by Luis Gutierrez, trudging out to the chants of ‘USA’ … Gawd some people hate this country… and it shows…


The excuse after it was pointed out:

  1. Wanted to get out ahead of the crowd.
  2. Had to go to Univision for an interview.

His last SOTU, he will not be missed.


How can you tell when a Trump speech hits the mark? Read Celebrities Tweets… :joy::joy::joy:

Had to add this… Even The ACLU was triggered… Seems that at the State of the Union for the United States of America… Trump had the audacity to use the word ‘America’ too many times…


Some 12 Democrats–count them: 12!–decided to boycott yesterday’s State of the Union address.

Of course, such grandstanding is petty, churlish, and divisive. It may play well with the voters back home–that is, if most are attached to the far left–but it is certainly not congenial to the goal of bringing us back together.

Those who claim that President Trump is divisive would do well to look at those Democrats who boycotted the State of the Union address–as well as those who physically came, but sat on their hands all night (when applause–at least, the polite variety–would have been appropriate)…


Beyond that, just watching the reactions of the ones who were their should show you the true meaning of ‘obstruction’… I dare anyone to show the same kind of behavior by the other side of the isle with respect to Obama…


I wonder about the Black Caucus and their clothing protest and sitting on their hands when Black unemployment has reached lows not seen since the 70’s.

Political theatre at it’s finest.