OFFICIAL: St. Louis Happenings (Riot) Thread



So what are the happenings going to be about?


  • A white cop killed a black
  • Cop resigning wasn’t enough so a criminal trial to appease
  • Bench trial verdict to be announced this PM
  • Protests /riots/ regardless of verdict

For everyone else… (Be aware that the stuff below is what I have pieced together this morning, I have not been following this at all - AND THEY ANNOUNCED EARLY

Jason Shockley (36 - 31 at the time of shooting)

  • West Point Grad 2002
  • Combat Plt Leader 15 month Iraq
  • Bronze Star in Iraq
  • Wounded in combat
  • Medically discharged
  • Joined PD in 2007

Anthony Lamar Smith (24)

  • There is very little about him that I could find - you would think that at least his criminal history would be spelled out better than what I have found
  • 2009 plead guilty to weapons charges and drugs and sentenced to 5 years prison
  • 2010 plead guilty to stealing $1200 navigation system out of a car
  • unlawful use of a weapon, stealing, drug possession and driving with a revoked license. He was on probation at the time of his death for a stealing case stemming from an incident in Ferguson in 2010.
  • had marijuana in his system at the time of his death




  • St. Louis Cop Jason Shockley and partner Brian Bianchi witness a possible drug transaction
  • They attempt to arrest Anthony Lamar Smith who flees
  • Shockley discharges his department issued Beretta unclear if Smith was hit at this point
  • After a 3 mile, 87 mph, chase they ram Smith’s car
  • Shockley shoots Smith with his Beretta 5 times after he says Smith reached for something in the car
  • Smith DRT
  • Police recover a revolver and heroin in Smith’s vehicle


  • US Attorney declines to prosecute Shockley


  • Smith’s family wins $900k in lawsuit settlement
  • Shockley suspended for 30 days
  • Shockley resigns


  • Shockley charged with 1st degree murder and arrested by US Marshals & held without bail
  • Shockley released on $1 million bail - $100k put up by St. Louis Police Officers’ Association



  • Bench trial begins


  • Shockley had a personal AK47 that he carried when he approached Smith’s car before the chase

  • Allegations that the revolver recovered from Smith’s vehicle was planted by Shockley

  • Shockley was heard during pursuit stating that he was “going to kill this motherfucker, don’t you know it”

  • As Smith’s car was “slowing to a stop,” Stockley told Bianchi to “hit him right now,”

  • After shooting Smith Shockley returns to his car and rummages through a duffel bag before the camera stops, Shockley states he was getting items to treat Smith’s injuries

  • Police DNA test shows Shockley’s DNA on the revolver but not Smith’s and Smith’s DNA on the heroin

  • Smith’s fiancee states that she was on the phone with Smith at the time of the shooting and he was begging for his life when shot

  • “Just because someone carries a gun for their own protection doesn’t make them a bad person,” she said. “Anthony was not a violent person. None of his convictions are for violent crimes. She found it strange that police said he had a revolver, not a higher-capacity semi-automatic pistol that is more common on the street. “Anthony didn’t have a gun with him that day, and if he had a gun, it wouldn’t be that revolver,” she said. “That’s just not a gun that any young guy is going to carry.”

  • Fiancee claimed an OnStar recording has Smith saying, “Don’t shoot.” But Bruntrager said that Smith’s voice is inaudible.

  • Shockley’s partner Bianchi received immunity from prosecution but lost the immunity (unsure how/why)

  • Bianchi told investigators that he had seen a gun on the front seat of Smith’s car at Church’s and had warned Stockley about it.

  • In 2013 the PD paid $60k to settle a lawsuit by a 17 year old who alleged Shockley and 2 other officers broke her arm in 2010. This suit alleged that the PD erred in putting Stockley, a combat veteran, on the street after the Army discharged him for post-traumatic stress disorder


We won’t see much until night time. That’s when all of the animals come out.


I’ve got the live feed on now from the KMOV news site. BLM thugs starting to group up in the middle of an intersection. I wonder if a Dodge Challenger will help disperse the crowd?


This entire trial was a witch hunt. I’m not surprised about the not guilty verdict. It’s why the Obama justice department wouldn’t even touch this case - and they went after anything that had the potential to destroy the police. But, St. Louis had to pander and ruin someone’s life for doing their job and protecting the community from a violent criminal. I wonder what’s going to happen when people stop becoming police officers, because that’s where we’re headed.


The police should be arresting them now. They don’t have a permit and they can’t stand in the middle of the street. It’s against the law.


You guys are weak. Make the thread, post the feed.


Here come the “community leaders” stirring the pot.


100% justified kill. End of story. Let the looting commence


REMINDER > this came out of nowhere

  • 6 year old case
  • schools closing
  • stores closing
  • weekend events are being cancelled/postponed
  • middle of day
  • weekend coming up
  • St. Louis - next to Ferguson

This is gonna be the big one, gentlemen.

Prepare to get max comfy tonight.


I’m so sick of these riots. Every single time the criminal justice system works and doesn’t send an innocent person to jail, Blacks decide to riot. Aren’t they the ones constantly complaining about the criminal justice system sending innocent people to jail? Even with the Freddie Gray case in Baltimore, most of the cops involved were Black Or Hispanic. They still rioted.

I hope the cops do the right thing and end this fast before more innocent people get hurt or have their property destroyed because a bunch of people who can spontaneously riot a bunch a bunch of people who can spontaneously riot in the middle of a work day obviously don’t have too much to lose.


We can stop the rioting once we stop the coddling. I’ve never seen an entire group of people who are so fragile in my entire life. We need to turn off the welfare life support pump and see if they can make it on their own. If they can’t and need help then they should learn their place.


What are these jerk offs so mad about?

Don’t commit crimes, don’t take police on high speed chases (endangering innocent people), and die of old age someday.


Dispersal order has been issued in St. Louis. Unlawful assembly declared.


I bet no one at the protest even knows who was on trial.


Things are starting to get interesting. Cops have stated they will be using force to end the protests. I’m not seeing much media coverage.


So in St. Louis, when cops want blacks to disperse, they have a nice little conversation about it.

In Charlottesville, when cops want whites to disperse, if they don’t disappear in 5 seconds, they get their asses kicked.


The police have declared the protest to not be peaceful, but they aren’t acting on it. Like we learned with Obama, if you out a red line out there and don’t hold it you get rolled over. The protesters are now trying to shut an interested down that directly leads to a hospital.


Remember when we didn’t need every police department in the country equipped to deal with riots?


Of course that’s code speed for black. I guess pay back is a bitch.


Did they topple the fucking arch yet?

It’s clearly a symbol of white supremacy and the confederacy!