OFFICIAL: St. Louis Happenings (Riot) Thread


Aids Skrillex and Carl the Cuck are from St. Louis. They will be overseeing the tearing down of the arch.


What red line would you be referring to, hmm?


Ahhhh… you gotta love parents teaching their children civic responsibility, respect for the law and caring for things that don’t belong to you…



Precisely… which one… :roll_eyes:


Time to loot , how many pairs of Jordans can you carry ? Any excuse to steal and attack white people .


The left wing MSM is aggressively reporting that no protesters attacked police. That’s not true, here is a police officer getting hit with a brick.


And now you know why MSN is FAKE NEWS !!!




Such lovely people, as epitomized by the Chataqua round table pictured below. None of them looks like they’d amount to much anyway, but assault on a police officer will keep you from any jobs not featured on Mike Rowe’s ‘Dirty Jobs’- and from most that are…


Apparently they are still rioting.

The cops are about to go full clank mode.


Watching this video makes me wonder how far my 4WD could make it before getting gummed up on commies.


Could just smack the sh*t out of them… No catchment problems and they still get the message…


Happy to report that the police had a nice time last night.


Here’s but one example proving that your wrong about the MSM, when you accuse them of not reporting that the St. Louis protests are violent. Want more examples, just ask.


There’s nothing more destructive to America than the subjectivity of the blind partisan!!!


And yet not one word about the rule of law… or the fact that this guy was guilty as hell and most any cop would have shot him, black, white or green. Also we saw a lot sprinkled throughout the article about it being ‘their right’ to … break windows, burn sh*t, and injure cops for doing precisely what we pay them for… I’m waiting for something like this to happen in the Hampton and the cops stand down… now that would be an article to read…

P.S. The coverage of violence isn’t always the issue… it of course is how it is covered… vote pandering or law and order…


That article is from yesterday. I posted Saturday morning when there were no reports about violent protesters.



Actually, I think there is something just a tad more destructive.

At least people who are truly loyal to the tenets of a political party can explain why. Unlike the BLM rioters who are only protesting for gibs.


Sure, but you didn’t miss a partisan jab.


No, that’s not endemic, but the partisan is. :blush: