OK, all you who think socialism is the answer, please read this



i haven’t read the whole thing yet but have been following cable news and etc…

I also have studied history and i know that socialism has not worked ANY place it was ever implemented. Ever seen video of Cuba? all those old cars driving around? you can’t easily get parts for them… and you know, it is not an ongoing car show, it is this: people can’t afford new cars. Of course people in the US can’t afford them but buy them anyway, but that’s a different story for a different day

anyhow… this Sinema knucklehead in AZ
the Gillum knucklehead in FL (OMG, i will be called Racist… horrors… but anyhow)

and that Beto #**&% in TX

This election year is FRIGHTENING

no, i am not exaggerating or fearmongering. I am telling the truth (certainly MY truth… and I am sure I am not alone)

to have this many socialists running would be bad enough but worse, they have a chance of actually winning! :dizzy_face:

If you think socialism (Venezuela) can’t happen here in the US… they used to think the same kinds of thing in



The Democrats stand for Socialism.
Socialism doesn’t work. There are plenty of examples of countries
who have tried it, and it fails most of the time. The recent example is
Venezuela. The Dems want to give away free welfare and food stamps,
and that comes out of the American tax payers hard worked paychecks.


it is robbing Peter to pay Paul. Now, sometimes there is a Paul who needs help but there are many different ways to help those who need it without stealing from people and taxes above a certain rate = stealing.

in any case, i am uncertain if Cuba is socialism or communism?

sorry, don’t study about Cuba much. All i know is that it is not capitalist


Cuba isn’t socialist, nor a socialist country, their government is a marxist leninist .

There is a difference between socialism and marxist leninism

Socialism is when the workers are in charge of the mode of production
Marxist-leninism is when the state is in charge of everything, and in Cuba’s case its the Castro’s are in Charge.


which means they have LESS of it… less of their own money

now, true, Americans can be selfish w/ their money and all that… I frankly don’t think the wealthy should even think of their excess $$ as being 100% “theirs”… (I say God wants them to share w/ the less fortunate) but I do NOT believe their excess should go to


the government!

what a corrupt bunch of *&^%$

again, read Greg Jarrett’s book on how the DOJ colluded with the FBI (I speak of the top levels therein) to swing the last presidential election. Anyone been held accountable for all that corruption yet? not many

sadly, bc the economy is doing so well, excess money IS going into govtment… but hopefully Trump will CUT the hell out of govt… He proposes a 5% reduction in all govt agencies… I just hope it is not a suggestion…

but a mandate t hat the agencies cut by that much… T

Telling a gov employee to cut back on spending is like asking a hog not to eat-------


I don’t believe socialism in the traditional sense is evil, I think socialism in the traditional sense is stupid and it doesn’t work or will ever work, I do think socialism is dangerous because it always leads to revolutions and that never ends well for the citizen

Socialism can lead to evil, and it leads to state communism or marxist leninist style of government and that is EVIL.


so socialism = evil

anything that destroys people is evil

even capitalism is sometimes abused and could conceivably be thought of as evil (or as you say: leading to evil)

anything can be used for evil

but socialism leads to EVERYONE being needy… and there is a psg in the Bible that says something like

God, give me neither poverty or great wealth

lest, being poor, i curse you

or being too wealthy, i say to myself I have all I need. What do I need You for?

(something like that)


any system can be abused, that isnt point

Socialism produces lazy people
Communism promotes collectivism and that isn’t good
Capitalism promotes individualism and innovation, because visionaries are inspired and sometimes compensated greatly.

Marxist leninism is just plain evil.


i notice there is wealth in Communist countries

enjoyed only by the top kahunas in the govt


well you just answered your own question about communist states , socialist states

only the ones in power are wealthy in those societies

In capitalist societies anyone can become wealthy


well, u seem 2b preaching 2 the choir

I greatly appreciate capitalism and would never live under any other system if i can help it… If we have CEOs making $30 million a yr while the common worker in his company makes $12 an hour… and worse, people who don’t even have a job…

it is up to the clergy and others to convince the CEO to help others w/ his excess. The Bible tells us to be content if we have our needs met. A lot of Americans do not have their basic needs met (one needy American being too many of course)


not to knit pick Free2bme, Corporations are the antithesis to capitalism or free markets.

Corporations gets their power from the State, not the free markets.

The fact you have CEO’s earning millions compared to workers has nothing to with capitalism, although free markets does factor in.

The truth is government policies are a factor for the rise in CEO pay combined with free markets.

Free markets compensates them because there are few people that can do CEO’s job, the average worker cannot.

Government policies dictates policies and the legal firms employed by these firms have figured out ways to get around legislations and the CEO and executive teams have benefited.

How is any of this free market capitalism?


i know all that

and you left out the fact that a lot of private compannies partner w/ the govt… with disastrous (for the commoners) results…

nothing worse than govt allowing greedy private companies to profit off the needy

and yes, I do know something about this… unfortunately…

anyway, i don’t see what you said as “nit picking”

but… maybe you could elaborate on this comment u made: Corporations get their power from the state… (I already know how they get around paying certain taxes and etc… w/ their fancy lawyers)


crony capitalism is not the same thing as laissez faire capitalism




well, some people need an explanation of this comment


When Obama was president he spent 9 trillion dollars roughly.

That roughly took our national debt from 11 to about 20 trillion.
He almost made more debt than all the Presidents before him combined!!!

And yet some how, the Dems think that they have any sort of an argument when
it comes to anything money wise in this country??? lol. lmao!!!
Liberal Logic 101. I guess?


i don’t believe it was “almost” but that Pres O DID rack up more Debt than all presidents b4 him combined.

I sometimes wonder how we survived that clueless one


Fair enough, Im going to explain it as simple as possible, no economist or financial lingo.

Laissez faire means 100 % free markets, people are allowed to engage in lawful transaction as long as there is no coercion , fraud and force.

Laissez faire is govern by objective laws, not bureaucrat laws, the government only role is the protect against fraud, coercion etc, they protect individual and property rights.

Crony capitalism means the government wants to influence the market by means of regulations, the problem is the state with their bureaucrats who are experts at screwing things up are fallible, hence why you have corruption.

Business people are in alliance with the state to either promote or protect their property.


Laissez faire… I want to build cars ,I employ people to help me build cars, I build cars that go faster, longer without gas because of a patented technology, in a laissez faire market Im allowed to that and compete against the competition.

If my company fails, there is no bailout, no favors, I lock up shop and I’m out of business.

Crony capitalism , I want to build cars but I have competition from GM,Ford, Honda etc, I turn to friends in the government and help me get into the market or protect my market, I have an unfair advantage, it isn’t free markets anymore because I have an advantage

If my business fails , I can count on the government to bail me out.