OK, all you who think socialism is the answer, please read this


I knew most of this but am very glad I asked for an explanation bc not only did I learn a few things but others here who may lean toward socialism… now have every reason not to…

people who think the govt is more good than bad… ditto


this is going to probably shock you , but most leftists, socialist knows the difference, the reality is they don’t care because they care about feelings not fact.

They “feel” because the 1% owns more than the 99% they “feel” that isn’t fair

They “feel” that the 10 richest in the USA has more than the bottom 40% they “feel” that isn’t fair

They “feel” that because business people particularly those who work 80 hour week to prosper and has more than them that they "feel " that isn’t fair.

They don’t say squat about idiots like the Kardashians, or overpaid Hollywood A listers earning millions of dollars , or super star athletes earning more in one week than they do in a year, they say nothing about those folks but if you’re a right winger business man/woman, it’s wrong and that person should have his or her wealth confiscated and distributed.

can you say hypocrites.


Hey, you know, it really isn’t “fair”

and the filthy rich DO need to pay more %wise in taxes than middle class.

and also, I know about poverty and t he system IS egregiously unfair (wrong, twisted, whatever…)

yet I am a capitalist just like anyone else (any conservative). The answer to the problem of homelessness and etc… is just…

you know, frankly, neither party has a clue how to handle that problem…

if it were otherwise, we would not have people sleeping under bridges in the winter time…

Capitalist though I be, there should always be a place where people can get out of the weather… That’s my position and I am sticking to it.

people who have never been homeless or poor do not understand my position… well, it is always sad when a given person does not understand where another given person is coming from… and sad that only experience seems to bring such understanding


When all of you on this thread are of age to receive your social security benefits I think that you should return them.


Lol return them!? They will be going to Mexico to Mexican retired dishwashers who will be living in beach houses investing in Mexico no America lol


This is why I said to you earlier Free2bme, that you don’t understand capitalism and you think that I was attacking you.

Taxes has nothing to do with capitalism , whether its laissez faire or cronyism.

Taxes is a government policy .

When you say the filthy rich, ( by the way why are they called filthy) should pay more taxes? how much more should they pay?

It’s not their fault that the current tax system is set up the way it is, that has nothing to with capitalism

Is there something in the Capitalists playbook that says employment income should be taxed more than investment income?

Truth be told , the rich pays more in Federal taxes than the rest of the income classes, you do know that 47% of the citizens don’t pay federal income taxes.

As in the problems of homelessness , how is that the fault of capitalism?
For an example whatever you want to call Cuba ( socialists, communists, marxist-leninists) they also have a homeless problem

As a matter of fact every country no matter what their political situation is has a homelessness problem the exception the Vatican, do you deny that?

The reason we don’t want to fork over our money to the government is that government has a poor track record when it comes to money, look at their spending and the wasteful programs.

There was an article I read from Business insider that talked about some of silly programs government waste money on , like giving the National $300,00.00 to put on a play about dogs chasing sheep, and the dogs are played by humans

here is an excerpt
The National Endowment for the Arts spent $30,000 on a production of “Doggie Hamlet,” which included human actors shouting and chasing dogs and sheep in an open field in New Hampshire. "

Or this might be of interest to here2bqueer, the government spending 3 million dollars on a study to explain why lesbians are fatter than straight women and gay men

Do you see why we dont want to give more of our hard earned money to the federal government

perhaps you can explain why there is a study about fat lesbians, wouldnt this money be better use helping homeless people with mental issues?


That is a cry heard all around the world and smacks of people who do not understand how percentages work.

If a rich person enjoys a salary ten times greater than a typical trucker (or whoever) then they pay ten times more tax. In the UK the rates start going up when salary advances beyond around 50k (doctors, dentists, professional and IT skilled workers), and then up again when salaries pass around 100k (good lawyers and tax professionals :rofl: ). So anybody with a salary around half a million is paying something like 40~45% of their income straight to the government.

In the UK a reasonably good salary for non-exceptional workers is around 20k~25k, and that is way above what shelf stackers and burger flippers would earn. Somebody earning 20k would pay 8% in income tax in the UK (there are a host of stealth taxes to grab more…). Somebody earning 50k would pay 19% in income tax … you can see where this is going, yes?

I am with @Max-Webster that the government is the least sensible recipient of money. They don’t provide nor do the things they should, and they do fritter it away on things they should not.






As in the problems of homelessness , how is that the fault of capitalism?


um… i had to stop right there bc I did NOT say anything of the sort. I greatly resent when poeple put words in my mouth… not sure I even want to bother reading the rest of your post if that is what u are going to do…



Didnt you post that homelessness and poverty has been bungled by both parties and that capitalism should be able to provide them a place to get them out of poverty.

Didnt you post that the rich needs to pay more taxes, or your exact quote “the filthy rich”

Did I misread that?


i totally agree… the govt should be starved virtually to death…

but if you will note, i did not say WHAT percentages t he rich should be taxed at… just that they should pay more than the poor


as usual, i am misunderstood

I never said WHAT percentage the rich should pay. I think everyone should pay VERY LITTLE to the govt…

and I frankly fail to see how the free market is going to effectively deal with the problem of homelessness. I don’t think it would be hard to do… I mean, there should be affordable “housing” or ways to get out of the cold… and you’d think some entreprenuer would have come up with the answer… but I don’t see that…


The homelessness problem is complex, there is no simple solution

why? there are many reasons why people are homeless, starting from mental illness, to loss of job and no opportunity and they cannot afford to even rent a room.

Governments create the problem, and free markets cannot fix it, because you cannot help everyone.
some people just don’t want to be help, no free marketer or even government lackie can help those who do not want to be helped.

And this is to the leftists out there that believe we should be opening our borders to every illegal who wants to live here, we cannot take care of all our homeless, what makes you think we can take care of the illegals coming here?


what are you talking about? I never said the illegal should come here… far from it

and i dont think the homeless problem is terribly complex. Sometimes people have no family or anyone else to turn to and they need help. If there were simple structures they could stay in to get out of the extreme weather, they could be charged a nominal fee and if they can’t afford that, the churches can supply it or whatever…

i had some ohter things to say but I will wait-----


Are you paranoid lad? I didn’t say you said that, I was addressing Leftists.

  1. the homeless problem is complex and I just finished saying between Mental illness to loss of job and opportunities there are no quick fix solution.

one of the problem is there are not enough facilities to house them all, and as I mentioned some dont want to be helped.


i dont believe that for one minute. They often do not want the kind of help that is available to them… the homeless shelters where there are a lot of… problems, some w/ other homeless… and etc…

Mental illness (so called) can sometimes cause a person to not want to socialize… so it’s not that the person doesn’t want a roof over his/her head but more that the person … well, some have PTSD and that can make you batty

but everyone wants / needs some kind of (at least rudimentary) housing


Doesn’t matter what you believe Free2bme, what matters is the reality.

Some people do not want to be helped, nor want to ask for help or is capable of asking for help, Mental illness is a complex and serious thing.

And for those who dont want the kind of help or facility to help them, I mean what do they expect , a five star hotel?

Beggars can’t be choosers.


why should a CEO stay in a 5 star hotel while another person can’t even afford a shack… I mean, you know… I don’t believe in robbing the rich but again, there should always be a place where people can get out of the weather. It shouldn’t be free but it should be available and affordable. I don’t think that is asking too much of our society. Are we humanitarians or… is it every man for himself and only himself?


A CEO staying in a 5 star hotel while another cannot afford a shack is irrelevant Free2bme

Do you have a favorite sport, band , musician, celebrity?

Do you think its fair for them to live in their million dollar mansions while making money on the backs of working class?

If you said yes, then you are being hypocritical, if you said no, then you are part of the problem

I for one don’t care where they live, they stay, or their lifestyle if they can afford it , I say God bless them .

The fact that we have people who are indigent is just part of life, and the reality is that no matter what we do , it’s never enough, some people will just not thrive no matter how much opportunity is presented to them

The Democrats wants to take from the rich, let me rephrase that, they want to take way from the Business rich, they want to exempt the Athletes, Movie Stars, celebrities, musicians, rock and pop stars etc but rape the business person.

Do you call that fair?

Do you call out Bernie Sanders for having 3 houses while the people he claims to be fighting for does not have two nickels to rub together?


It is also true that if you were to make the playing field completely level, and give everyone the same $10,000 starting stake, with a few years there would be millionaires and hobos.

The business achievers provide indirectly the means of living for all the others.