Ok. So fill me in, please


Who be here in this lounge? Anyone I know? Any free drinks? Food? Donuts? Cake?


Just freedom and America. What else do you need?


Oh, and free stuff. Lots of free stuff. Isn’t that the American way now?




Yum. But…I will need help.


Daaaaamn!!! That’s a brontosaurus burger…:laughing::laughing:




Just testing. Don’t mind me.


Speaking of…I think most Americans need to start packing now. Too many fucktards out there just dyin’ to hurt a conservative.


Oh yeah…you’re going to fit in just fine.


Soon as I figure this board out, lol.
I am a night owl…so later on I will come play with settings and test threads and such.


Personally…I think there should be no laws about carrying and go back to the wild west days. Some schmuck will think twice about car jacking you, robbing you, knockout game bullshit, getting in yer face spitting while screaming attcha…if they see that sidearm hanging from your belt. Amirite or what?


I like your avatar, wolfwoman! :trophy:


Why, thank you kind sir. :kissing_heart:


I carry 24/7…even into pussy places that display a NO FIREARMS sign.


I have one of my real face, merged with the wolf. Wanna see it?


I outta. But, I am safe in this town. All conservatives. Looks like Duck Dynasty, lol. If I ever move back to the central cali coast…I will start carrying.


I’ve got a CCW but lately I just open carry. I noticed that since I’ve been doing that no one says shit when I wear my Trump shirt out in public. Before, I used to get all sorts of mindless zombies strolling up to me. It’s a great idiot deterrent in a multitude of circumstances.


I have CCW here in cali…


Damn…who did you pay off.