Ok. So fill me in, please


If just a few of them are shot dead as soon as they cross the line, the rest of them will think twice about crossing the line. Rewarding bad behavior with instant punishment has its merits.


You need to be careful with open carry. Somebody can come behind you and take your firearm. It’s better to conceal


Why would you ever want to move back to the shithole state?


Cuz it’s home. And I am a beach lady. I miss my coast. Not SF, not LA. Central coast. Cambria, Cayucos area. Where Hearst Castle is.



This is me with the same wolf…merged.


It’s nice there…


That’s true. It does open up a little more risk but being former Army infantry I keep my head on a swivel and maintain good situational awareness at all times. The way I see it is I’ve open carried a lot more in worse places than Austin.


There are beaches on the Gulf Coast and the Atlantic coast. Even above Californication, the coasts seem to me to be more inviting.

I will admit that California has some beautiful scenery, but the thought of living there has never been anything other than a nightmare to me.


LOVE the ocean there. Not sandy. Mostly beautiful rocks, seals, elephant seals, and nature. Only time it gets busy is on weekends when the tourists come over but they are not interested in anything except buying crap made in Taiwan instead of shopping in town where the real bargains are. OMG…tourists. Love em and hate em.


And thank you for your service!!!


No thanks necessary. My pleasure. I seldom mention it here. I think that was the first time actually.


I’ve grown up here my whole life and I love being on the ocean and at sea that is really the only thing keeping me here the rest of the state sucks. But I found the Oregon coast to be really beautiful too.


I know a guy that carries an unloaded weapon exposed and a loaded one in his pocket.


Makes sense I guess, but carrying one is bad enough… Maybe if he’s in a real hostile area


That can’t be you. You said you were old! That looks like a spring chicken to me!:nerd_face:


I didn’t say it was a recent pic of me, lol.


Well…I drop in now and then but I am still a bit confused. For example…New Members forum. Seems to be a catchall for conversations above and beyond New Members? Which can be confusing if I invite others to come here, because its to be an introductory place for new people. Right? Then why is one topic in there a continuation of a group of people who came here and just stayed in that one thread?


That group you mentioned gave us as a forum a lot of grief early on… the trouble makers were escorted out the door and the others have assimilated just fine. Yes, one problem that occurs is threads being sidetracked or derailed… sometimes it is deliberate, which is infuriating, and other times it just comes from a natural flow of conversation. I must admit, I take the bait with some people far quicker than I should…


I was just wondering. But thanks for explaining.
Personally…I think New Members forum should be exactly that. New Members just introducing themselves and being greeted. That thread is what…239 responses so far?
But, I am new myself so…your beach, your waves. But being a beach lady myself, I hate it when the tourists come every weekend and fuck up our sandy shores with their campfires, dirty diapers, broken beer bottles. They don’t go in to town to shop. They just come to pollute our beach and WE have to clean it all up. Same concept.


It seems that now rather than individuals finding Freebird, it is groups and they tend to storm the beaches, since we are using that metaphor. One creates a ‘new person’ thread and then the others come and proceed to have a conversation on ‘their new forum’. The last group that did this not only thought that they could be and act as they damn well pleased but felt that they owned the thread they created… no one owns a thread here( but they should have the expectancy of contributors following the OP). Anyway some stayed and have been wonderful additions to the discussion… the others went away but I guess the one thing that was good about them staying on that thread for a time was that the bad actors were contained until they left rather than infecting otherwise good threads… kind of like having a tourist only section of a beach…