On average, all strata of Swedish society are getting richer. Compare that to the low-tax US, where most Americans' incomes have fallen


High taxes, strong unions and an equal distribution of wealth.

That’s the recipe for success in a globalised world, according to Magdalena Andersson, the Social Democratic economist who’s also Sweden’s finance minister.



You do realize Denmark and Sweden are two different countries right?


ironically denmark isnt doing as well as sweden is


Oh I forgot, we are talking about sweden here

So of course Sweden is getting “enriched”.


both of those articles are bunk



Talking about misleading. Your original article set out to target Trump, yet compaire economic growth stats between the US and Sweden in 2016. (the article was written in Monday 8 May 2017)

The numbers are compelling. Sweden has one of the world’s highest tax burdens, with tax revenue about 43 percent of GDP, according to OECD data. The equivalent figure for the US is about 26 percent. Sweden’s economy has grown almost twice as fast as America’s, expanding 3.1 percent last year, compared with 1.6 percent in the US

And then the article went on lamenting about opposition to its taxes

Andersson faces a vote of no confidence from the opposition if she presents further hikes. Meanwhile, parts of corporate Sweden are rebelling. There are also numerical signs that the tipping point may have been reached, as GDP slows.

Banks and Sweden’s private equity industry have railed against the tax environment, with Scandinavia’s biggest financial group, Nordea Bank AB, threatening to leave. And a vibrant startup scene, led by music-streaming service Spotify Ltd, is calling for changes in how options-based income is taxed in an effort to attract more talent.

Andersson acknowledges there are limits, saying there’s no need for “big” tax increases in the coming years.

“They of course have negative effects,” she said. “All taxes do, but what you use the money for can have positive effects and that’s exactly what the Swedish model shows. You can have high taxes and high employment and growth.”

And you get the headline “On average, all strata of Swedish society are getting richer” from this article? Youre the very definition of fake news, or illiteracy.