One Month After President Duterte Threatened Soros and the Rothschilds, ISIS Invades The Philippines


President Duterte has cut short his visit to Moscow to urgently return to the Philippines so he can personally “drive ISIS out of the country” and “send every one of these animals straight to hell.”

ISIS took advantage of President Duterte’s Russian trip by launching an operation to conquer the southern Philippines city of Marawi. The Islamic State flag is now flying over local buildings, and checkpoints have gone up throughout the city.

The radical Islamists are killing Christians, burning down schools and hospitals, and trapping citizens from escaping what is fast turning into a hellhole.

Reports indicate that President Duterte is experiencing “cold anger” and is taking the ISIS assault personally. He warned the globalist death cult to stay away from the Philippines just last month. He also vowed to kick the Rothschild banks out of the Philippines and warned George Soros there is a “bounty” on his head.

Now the New World Order has declared war on the Philippines. ISIS fighters, the globalist’s private militia, are suddenly swarming in southern Philippines cities.

President Duterte, who received counsel from Russian President Putin before flying back to protect his country, does not believe it is a coincidence. When you take on the globalists, when you threaten their money flow and control, they use Western media to smear your reputation, and then they unleash violent jihadists on your doorstep.

The president has had his reputation attacked relentlessly by mainstream media around the world, despite his sky-high approval ratings at home. Now his country is being physically attacked by globalist-backed radical Islamic terrorists.

Duterte also told Putin that the United States is now refusing to sell the Philippines weapons so they can fight ISIS.

“Of course, our country needs modern weapons. We had orders in the United States, but now the situation there is not so smooth, and in order to fight with ISIS, with their units and factions, we need modern weapons,” Duterte said.

But fightback has begun, with Duterte declaring martial law on the island and sending snipers and regular army soldiers into the area where ISIS launched their large scale operation. Putin has offered to lend assistance, should it become necessary.

The Philippines law enforcement and military have been ordered to show “no mercy.”


Any nation that rejects deliberate destabilization…

Any nation that fights against the narco cartels…

Any nation that strives for peace and to provide economic trade outside the US dollar…

Any nation that wants national and economic sovereignty all have one thing in common…

War is waged against them.

Now who could be behind this?


We are missing a giant opportunity here, and putin is showing he is far smarter than Trump. Duterte will get weapons and soldiers from Russia, along with jets, and Russian influence in the region. Trump is too busy tweeting to pay attention to this. Not good for our influence in the region.

At least it’s not Obozo- he’d arm the IS fighters.


ISIS has seized a major city in the Philippines, but CNN is concerned that Trump complimented Duterte over the phone. Nothing to see here folks.


CNN is just following the ‘news’ as given to them by their respectable affiliates…


What I’m not understanding about this situation is how the hell did ISIS just all of a sudden show up there?


I can help @Joe

It wasn’t really all of a sudden. Right now, all of Southern Philippines are under Martial Law. The city of Marawi experienced an ISIS engagement and hostile takeover of a predominately Muslim area in the Philippines. The sect that took over is a group called Maute. They are an offshoot of a Muslim Rebellion that looked to be an autonomous government​ in southern Philippines. The events that lead up to this incident was an Army raid that was targeting the leader of Abu Sayyaf (Ties to ISIS + Maute) and ended up either nabbing or taking down 15 militants. They were acting upon info that the leader, Isnilon Hapilon, was there. Prior to this engagement, the military foiled a mass kidnapping attempt by the Abu Sayyaf at the central portion of island called Bohol. As well, there was a massive engagement by the military west of Marawi. This included airstrikes that took out around 30 militants from Maute. Airstrikes + foiled kidnapping are from 4-6 weeks ago. The raid that took place is from 12 hours prior to the first announcements of engagements by Maute in Marawi.


Abu Sayyaf have been a pain for the Philippines for some time… I would say at least 3 decades. They are Islamic fundamentalists so killing and kidnapping isn’t new… beheading someone under the ISIS flag is… This is where I like Trumps policy… instead of letting them shrink away into the night… kill each and every one of them. You can’t win wars by leaving the enemy to fight another day…


Thanks @Goteborg and @Scott that would have taken me a long time to piece together. I appreciate the rapid rundowns.


Here is a small image gallery of the ISIS terrorists in the Philippines.


Sorry @Goteborg, I, for some reason hadn’t seen your post before I entered mine…


Duterte: posturing, pandering, centralizing power, creating fiscal incentive for new alliances, producing himself as the great paternal hope to an otherwise irritated populous. Machiavelli 101. GW unwittingly became Bin Ladens most effective ally, Obama served to further entrench Assad with his attempts at hands off. What can Trump decipher from this as far as international policy goes? Unclear. Is he up to the task? Unclear.


Just wait, Duterte will be able to show the world exactly how to deal with ISIS terrorists who have infiltrated his country. When he gets done with them, I full expect the Muslim population of the Philippines to be nearly non-existent. He will not allow his people to have targets painted on their backs.


And the reliable sources for your opinion? Faith?