One Would Suspect This To Be Common Sense... Except To Vote Pandering Idologues



“I do believe those who voted for this law are making California less safe, and at some point, there is going to be an incident that is going to backfire on the legislature when one of these criminal aliens is released,”

I doubt it.

A perfect example of ignoring the problem was the murder of Katie Steinle in San Fran.


I think we need sanctuary cities for citizens.


We just need to build great big beautiful walls around the ones that already exist…


Sanctuary counties for those that chose


More like sanctuary private communities. We can build those with walls, gates, and private security. If you don’t live there then you don’t get access. Private property owners have the right to exclude anyone, at any time, for any reason. We need to take this sort of thing seriously.



Well see it is the ‘Los Angeles’ police verse the police in the rest of the state that makes the difference between the article at the top and your article… as we saw with the Berkeley police department that stand down when people are being hurt, the leftist cause outweighs the common good of the nations citizens…


Perhaps it’s time to deport illegal aliens to California where they can be properly protected.

Have open hiring in the rest of the US for all California police that wish to leave the state with moving expenses.

That should handle the problem.


Failing to mention that all of the law enforcement officials in that article are actually elected or appointed by elected officials.


I think that that was mentioned hmm? Oh and wait a minute while I stop laughing…

Ok so the op is about sheriffs. An elected fraternity.


I’m willing to bet you didn’t show Sheriff David Clarke a whole lot of love either… :roll_eyes: