Ooh... This Is Not A Good Sign For The 'Oppostion'


A pop to 49%… That fading independent is looking a bit stronger given that, according to some, Trump only commands about 35% from his base…


I think that if you look at the chart, you start to see the months of lies and hideous media reporting starting to wane… People know when they are being played. Trump may not be all of that but he just might be pulling an LBJ that will keep republicans in power for the next 50 years… :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

The White House today may clear congressional Republicans to release an investigative memo showing that senior FBI officials engaged in politically motivated anti-Trump activities. By a 49% to 31% margin, voters think a special prosecutor should be named to investigate whether the officials handled the investigations of Trump and Hillary Clinton in a legal and unbiased fashion.