Open Carry and Race


I think you raise a very valid point – that, just as freedom of speech is subject to reasonable “time, place and manner” restrictions, the same should apply to firearms – and if not at the federal level outside of federal lands and buildings, certainly at the state level by virtue of the states’ police power. There was a period in our nation’s “wild west” history where towns required visitors to check their guns with the sheriff, and banned carrying firearms in public, even in states that had similar or stronger “Second Amendment” protections than the federal Constitution.

Over the past quarter century we’ve experienced an odd revision of history that some, ostensibly in the name of textualism or original intent, use to argue that gun control measures that were historically non-controversial have always been unconstitutional.


Especially when:

Minister King Shabazz carried a billy club, and is reported to have pointed it at voters while both men shouted racial slurs, including phrases such as “white devil” and “you’re about to be ruled by the black man, cracker.”


You southpaws are soooooo creative… I have never seen a document twisted and contorted by one group of ideologically driven people so much in all my life…

To your last point first. The last quarter century is as you see it is an attempt to claw back the original intent and meaning of the constitution neutered and distorted by a full century of progressive manipulation. Prior to Theodore the federal government pretty much stayed out of the lives of people. Only when progressives decided that the constitution could mean anything a slick lawyer could conjure in front of a sympathetic judge did we start loosing our way. This of course was the progressive movement, rolling back states rights, not strengthening them.

To yours and @feddos first point… what a silly analogy… yelling fire affects every single person withing earshot with rippling effect beyond. A firearm, holstered is of no consequence except for fearful arm waving liberals who side with brick throwing groups like BLM and ANTIFA who actually do commit violence and affect peoples lives. We see in Britain where guns are strongly outlawed that it wasn’t the gun that was the problem but the society… they now don’t know what to do with the epidemic of knife and vehicular violence. Besides… you really don’t want to talk about preventative measures and demand health care ‘rights’ for all.

To your point about states rights… I suggest that you pick one side or the other in this constitutional argument… either you like and support the 14th amendment or you don’t. If you don’t then forget arguments about states ignoring Roe v Wade or rolling back the Brown v Board of education or indeed the silly constitution bending premise of some of the provisions of the 1964 civil rights act. You can’t claim protection of infringement of basic constitutional rights and privileges on one hand and demand that they be ignored just because you don’t happen to like them on the other.


One place with strict gun laws is a liberal haven which is one of the most violent places in the US. CHICAGO.

And if you lived in Chicago a liberal haven with their strict gun laws you would have a right to be afraid.


So why weren’t there any arrests ? Sounds like a hate group to me and election interference !!


“So why weren’t there any arrests ? Sounds like a hate group to me and election interference !!”

It was. And Holder’s DOJ refused to prosecute…


Oh , another pass for the people of color ! :roll_eyes: