Opinion: Why a new U.S. Constitution may be the only way to fix the divided state of the union


Fine tuning the best human rights document ever written !


You are of the opinion that all 27 amendments were improvements??


The 17th amendment up ended the actual design of the Senate and the sovereignty of the individual statesā€¦ The amendment of course was meant to solve the problem of states not promptly appointing their senators because of partisan squabbles but ended up creating a second peoples house when the senate was always suppose to speak for the interest of the state and while several states did indeed us a popular vote to select their senators, that choice remained within the wheelhouses of the various state constitutionsā€¦


The United States Constitution is not in need of a quick or long fix or an overhaul. What is needed is obedience and respect for the current Constitution, and the honor of being called an American. It is what it is!


Unfortunately some people learned a little different style of English than othersā€¦ some saw the words ā€˜impliedā€™ when they werenā€™t there and just couldnā€™t understand with the unlimited scope of power given to the national government why anyone even bothered with the words ā€˜enumerated powersā€™ā€¦ and then their is the thing about taxesā€¦


And the general welfare statement in the constitution taken completely out of context.

General welfare then is not what is considered by the left and courts as today.


And then the amazing ways in which the commerce clause has beenā€¦ elasticizedā€¦ is amazing.


Talk about a stretch.

Our current lawmakers and justices have a difficult time understanding the meaning of words from then to now.


Apparently the two parties have discovered they donā€™t even need to go through the motions of the heavy lift of amending the constitution anymore, just do what you want.


I think except for the initial damage created by Lincoln, you will find most of the damage done between Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt. While some would say that Hamilton did considerable damage, Justice Black was actually applying the Constitution to the actual enumerated powers but as we have seen in this last election cycle, people already use to government largess found a new expansive hero in Hamiltonā€¦

So me where a republican created an ā€˜original precedentā€™ away from the constitutionā€¦ enlighten all of us.


Nothing but crickets out there.

More blather from the left with no response.