Oregon Passes Bill Allowing GUN SEIZURES (Without Owners Knowledge)


You go Freedom 76, I agree whole heartily.


Obviously, you don’t know History.


I have no idea, I am not going to influence your thinking, nor you mine. I come from a much more Conservative, God Loving Christian Military background. I can hope you believe in God and seek out his wisdom and not Man’s. I hope we can agree to disagree.


So this is a good thing right @redhawk


Got it. So if a politician strays from his obligation you can shoot him.


Trump just recently advocated the same thing, shrug.


I guess he can’t say anything jokingly out of frustration. It was ok for Schmobama to tell Russia he would be more flexible after the election. No double standard I guess.


He didn’t say it jokingly. And there’s nothing funny about law enforcement violating due process.


Agreed. He meant it…