Our new illegal aliens and their attitude:

A few people pitched tents at the Tijuana beach plaza while most, like Henry Salinas, 30, of Honduras, planned to sleep there in the open. Saying he intended to wait for thousands more in the caravan to arrive, Salinas said he hoped to jump the border fence in a large group at the same time, overwhelming Border Patrol agents.

“It’s going to be all against one, one against all. All of Central America against one, and one against Central America. … All against Trump, and Trump against all,” he said.

Referring to the first group nearing the end of the journey, Pineda said, “if they could do it, there is no reason why we can’t.”

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Seems like the new Democrat voters think they are entitled to your hard earned money. Socialism is just great ??

The people in the caravans are clearly not the sharpest tools on the shed. They are told we do not want you here and they plan an assault on our border and food into the country.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, congress does nothing. Democrats do nothing. Republicans do nothing and the flood of people continues and the taxpayers foot the bill.

One you allow 1 in the word get around then it’s 4 caravans of people on their way.

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Call me heartless but I see a simple solution to this problem.

The use of deadly force. Nothing of value would be lost.

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Unfortunately with the inaction of congress Trump should use defense funds to build a 20’ wall and back it up with force or open the gates to the world and suffer the consequences of Europe and become just another 3rd world country.

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I don’t see Congress ever taking decisive action on this issue. They were too busy just the other day holding their own internal elections for various seats and holding press conferences about it. Congress is an utter disgrace.

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Interestingly Tijuana residents are having a growing problem with these migrants… I suspect that they have managed to ‘assist’ all of there own ‘less desirables’ to get to the US and now they are fixing to have them replaced by culturally distant cousins because Trump is going to turn away a good percentage of them… and they will just stay in Tijuana and tax what little resource they have there…

On has to ask, when do the refugees we allowing into the US return to their own countries to rebuild their broken countries???

Congress always seems to be AWOL

guess they don’t want to lose their cheap maids?

for sure… no wonder they have an approval rating of something like 20%

what i would like to know is

who are those 2 0%?


people not paying any attention whatsoever

No one will invade the US as the people will bring out the guns and a mexican may as well be bright orange.

If anyone did invade the US and people did need to bring out their guns, you can be assured Mexicans who love this country would be standing side by side to defend it.

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Each house of Congress sets its own rules. THAT is a big problem that will likely NEVER be resolved.

LOL, w are a nation of sheep, we are a nation that could care less what happens 1000 miles away. We are a nation that only cares when the problem is at our doorstep.

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