Paper is not dead



Just have too remember when paper made people more closer this seem to be long gone :phone:


Hand written letters are just about a thing of the past. Emails and printed fonts are not anywhere close to the personal touch of hand written ink on fine paper.


Asaratis, I’m mainly talking about the time when we had a payroll with paper money and this cash register was good :wink:

I give the link where the image come from


Yes, in those days (which I remember well) printing cash registers were a great asset and aided in the keeping of accurate receipts. Today, we simply have them emailed to us., although most card transactions can print them easily.

More and more it seems that merchants in smaller establishments will ask if you want a paper receipt…trying to save on paper costs.

I always ask for one from parking lot attendants because if you refuse a receipt after paying cash, the attendant can throw your ticket away and keep the cash. I like to help keep them honest.


Well do, and today everything is automatic I know a person who had a mistake on the transfer of his pay on his account with a zero less and although it was difficult to find his money back and more to to pay his bills and his rent.
With paper it was easier we could also follow the evolution of our money