Pardoned for Crimes Against Humanity


The court found disgraced Sheriff Joe Arpaio in contempt of its order.

But Arpaio’s underlying crime was the rounding-up of people based on their race.

This, all legalese striped away, is a crime against humanity.

I think this is the first time a US president has pardoned a criminal whose crime was against humanity.


This looks like a good place to park this…from 2015:

Officials agreed to pay $3.5m to settle a lawsuit that alleged metro Phoenix’s sheriff botched the investigation into the rape of a 13-year-old girl and failed to arrest the suspect who then went on to sexually attack her again.

The girl’s rape case was among more than 400 sex-crime cases that were inadequately investigated or not looked into at all by Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office during a three-year period ending in 2007.


Is a presidential pardon for criminal contempt even legally effective?

The argument I have seen is that if a court can’t punish people for contempt, then the court has no way to enforce its orders. That is a due process and a separation of powers violation. Thus, two provisions of the Constitution conflict with each other. In that circumstance, normally the later-enacted provision (the due process amendment, for example) normally governs.

  1. Is that a valid argument?

  2. Who has standing to raise it?


The court can enforce its orders through civil contempt – coercive measures, such as fines or incarceration, that are meant to inspire the disobedient party to start obeying the order of the court. A pardon cannot be granted for civil contempt.

Criminal contempt is punitive. It’s a backward-looking measure, through which a party who has been particularly egregious in the violation of a court’s orders may be punished.

If the order remains in effect, and the party continues to violate the order, that continued violation would allow the court to make a finding of civil contempt and, even if a pardon had been issued for a past transgression, there would be a possibility of a new criminal contempt charge for the continued violation of court orders.

The issue with Arpaio is that he’s no longer involved in any ongoing litigation. Even if the order remain in effect and is not being followed he would not be a proper target for civil contempt proceedings, and the pardon of the criminal contempt conviction ends the court’s ability to punish him for violating its orders.


Sheriff Joe was denied a trial by jury in clear violation of his 6th Amendment rights. Pres Trump upheld the Constitution.


Arpaio was not convicted for doing anything illegal in his work as a sheriff, but for defying an “out to get him court” order directing him to stop applying the law of the United States, contrary to his oath of office. It is the judge who should be impeached for abusing his office!


But when the Police Department was reformed in 2007, officials discovered that dozens of sensitive cases, many filed by illegal immigrants, had not been adequately investigated or investigated at all.

They shouldn’t have been here.

Thanks for playing the Propaganda Game!


So you think it’s a good thing that Arpaio was ignoring crimes just so he could arrest people who looked Mexican all the while violating the Constitution? Oh yeah and he’s cost Maricopa County $70 million so far.


Source please. Also, the illegal population in Arizona is hispanics, hence the deportations of those many. If it was asian, then it will be asian. I dont see why this is an attack on “mexican” alone when hes just doing his job: deporting illegals.


The left came after their annointed boogeyman, got a judge who gleefully destroyed a loyal public servant’s career, and gloated. Now they are losing their minds over Trump putting a stop to a political hack job.

Good enough, now Arpaio need to move to NV where he’ll be shielded from civil lawsuits.


How lame of an argument is that… a courts judgment in every case is basically an enforcement order. Every person put in jail or given a fine is as a result of a court decree of punishment. By your argument then other than possible detainees in GITMO, a president has no ability to pardon or commute any punishment handed down by the court. Your argument would apply equally to any judgment of punishment handed down by a court…

The President…shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offences against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.


Seems pretty straight forward to me… this was most certainly not a case of impeachment… Just a cop trying to keep his people safe bound up in a corrupt liberal mechanism that seems to abhor the rule of law…


I didnt know Joe Arpaio was involved in the pursuit of the Obama’s birth certificate. Now the whole thing jsut seems petty.


A crime against humanity? A crime against humanity, perhaps in your tiny mind.

Just making this up as you go along?

Rounding up people based on their race. People who broke their first law by entering the US illegally.

One could easily call you a racist and be justified. A person like yourself makes everyone else in the world wait to enter the US yet you give free access to the US to one race of people.


Sooo tell me Philip if a rash of incredibly violent and invasive crimes were committed by whites all over the country… would you be stopping blacks and Hispanics in hopes of catching these criminals? No?.. I thought not. Would you call it racist looking for white people in white communities knowing that it isn’t likely, given your manpower to cover a population, that those white guys would be hanging out in black and Hispanic neighborhoods?..

Entering the US is in violation of laws actually created by congress… yes, I know that you might be forgiven for knowing this given that the last president was more than a little remiss in his duty to ‘Faithfully Execute the Law’

P.S. You folks actually love the ‘Legalese’ that you talk about… If it weren’t for the rather creative use of ‘legalese’ half of the crap progressives have saddled this country with would be considered a clear violation of the Constitution… To include but not limited to Article II and Article VII of the 1964 Civil Rights acts… but that one is coming back to haunt you as you try to segregate dorms, fire people for their political thought and deny products to people who don’t fit they profile you desire…


Brief and incomplete list of Arpaio’s crimes:

  • Contempt of court
  • Abuse of power and corruption
  • Ignoring sex crimes (including child molestation) and failing to follow through on these cases (especially when the victims were Latino)
  • Cruel and unusual conditions in his jails, which he proudly considered concentration camps for criminals who deserved it – even though most inmates were awaiting trial
  • Illegally profiling Hispanics and harsh enforcement of immigration laws
  • Entrapping and framing a man for attempting to assassinate him as a publicity stunt for his re-election, let him rot in jail for years before the truth came out and the county settled for millions


An explosive device mailed to Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arapio was discovered by a postal employee Thursday evening.

The package was addressed to Arpaio’s Phoenix office, but was intercepted in Flagstaff after a “very astute” postal worker noticed that the package looked odd.

An X-ray scan revealed the explosive device, which was disabled by a bomb squad. Flagstaff is just under 150 miles north of Phoenix.

“The package was neutralized,” said Sgt. James Jackson of the Flagstaff Police Department, according to the Arizona Daily Sun. “There was a disruptive device placed on the package and it was disabled.”

[READ: Arpaio Objects to AP Stylebook Change]

The Associated Press reports that, according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the package appeared to contain gun powder. The FBI is investigating the case alongside local police.

“I’m getting many threats,” Arpaio told the AP. “This isn’t the first time.”

The 80-year-old sheriff’s hard-charging style has infuriated civil libertarians, supporters of President Barack Obama and advocates for people who reside in the country without legal permission.

Arpaio’s office arrested two editors of the Phoenix New Times in 2007 for publishing a subpoena that demanded the IP addresses of readers after the paper published Arpaio’s home address. The charges were dropped .

This one???


Like this?
Holder Found In Contempt Of Congress
Sorry that was congress.

OBAMA FOUND IN CONTEMPT OF COURT: Gulf Drilling Moratorium, U.S. Federal Judge Rules


LOL, making them wear pink coveralls? Making them work?

Holding them for ICE?


Is that against the law?


Obama and his DACA executive orders come to mind.
Obama’s claiming of executive privilege during the Fast and Furious debacle.
Obama made a handful of unilateral “recess” appointments, opting to bypass a Senate that wasn’t actually in recess
Obama’s decision to stop enforcing parts of U.S. immigration law to allow illegal aliens to stay in the country legally if they meet certain criteria
Obama’s waivers issued to the No Child Left Behind Act and welfare reform bill that Smith said “effectively rewrite the law instead of enforcing it.”
Obama took military action in Libya without consulting Congress

But all the is different in out 2 tier system of law. One is prosecuted and is ignored like Hilly.

YOU have nothing of value to say.