Pardoned for Crimes Against Humanity


Oh how cute. You think that the Office of the President being under the control of a foreign power is a joke. The man is a lunatic.

I also doubt Trump is peeing on the White House lawn. He probably has Ivanka peeing on him in the Oval Office…or did you forget about his golden showers fetish?


I find it cute when you LEFTies have been crying impeachment ever since day one when he took office. And the mysterious Russian hackers disappeared just as mysteriously when they heard that the potus is a white supremacist. Damm, even Putin is afraid of big brothers.

or did you forget about his golden showers fetish?

Hahahahaha its funny how you put faith in a buzzfed article. Keep your secret crush of the potus and your fan fic to yourself.


The golden showers dossier was a total fabrication. Only sexual deviant degenerate leftists could cook something up like that.


Of all the horrid things dt has done, this one has really gotten to me. I actually tear up and want to cry.

Dt basically just gave all of us and our country the middle finger, a real FU to the very foundation of our society.

Earlier I was wondering how one person could destroy so much in such a short time.

One man didn’t: all those GOP who look the other way and enable him are actually worse than him.

Checks and balancing by the three branches is what has made our system work. When one of the branches, executive, destroys a second branch, judicial, and the third branch, legislative, aids and abets the first, we’re phucked.

Sooo depressing.

Also depressing, now that the f word has been so grossly overused, I have no word bad enough to decry my outrage and pain.


I can see Pelosi peeing on the lawn, not so much Trump.


The liberal tears are fitting to thy name. Ill help myself to a cup. Also, where were your crying act when these pardons were happening?


Liberals really act like such pussies. They don’t like it when immigration laws are enforced, but they won’t take a stand on what immigration laws should be like. Just be brave and say it, you support open borders. It’s easy to criticize someone, when you yourself, won’t take a stand on anything.


Want to provide a list of all of these ‘wrong doings’ that are impeachable? Please attach citations for and links to the proof. The left is so full of its own story that it refuses to stop and ask just what is provable and what is hysteria brought on by the fact that you are still butt hurt over loosing the election and fed by constant dubious reporting of Washpo (that was bought specifically to mold the narrative), NYTimes that has quietly retracted far more stories that you have seen if you didn’t manage to get to page 15 or further and then their is the salacious online propaganda rages like Salon and Daily Kos…

Proof… Thats what I want to see… and it should be what you want to see as well.


This is too funny… You and anyone who would make a sexual connection between him and his daughter without proof should be ashamed of yourselves… but if one thinks about it… it is the general thought process of an anything goes sexual deviant like a progressive. I mean, you guys have spent decades normalizing just about every sexual act and combination and then fend disgust should it make its way into the whitehouse… Seems that your globalist, no borders concept met reality when a successful business man who did some of that globalist business ends up in the whitehouse… but then again, you guys never were much for hard work…


Why is this just now a problem for you? This law has been in the books for a long time.


What offence has he committed to induce an impeachment and removal. You will have to bring more to the table than this.


Amazing how when Obama was as h said it, fundamentally changing this nation you said nothing, But you agreed with his changes many by executive order and I might say outside the constitution.

Now as his changes are being undone the same way via executive order you whine and cry and talk about checks and balances of the 3 branches of government. If you are so concerned about undermining where was your outrage then??

DACA was a massive over reach infringing on the law making duties of congress yet you said nothing. The changes by mandate by Obama to the ACA a massive travesty as changes to a law is only allowed by congress yet you said nothing.

You are the poster child of a hypocrite.


Obama released 160 hard-core Islamic terrorists who went back to their old effort to murder non-Muslims. Media was silent. President Trump pardoned Sheriff Joe and the media went insane.

  • Arpaio was arresting people (stopping and detaining)
  • Arrests must be only for probable cause of commission of or
    involvement in a crime
  • Unlawful presence in the United States is not a crime this is not in
  • Arpaio was arresting people only for suspicion of unlawful presence
    (admitted by Arpaio in civil suit), which is not a crime
  • the injunction ordering Arpaio to stop arresting people for unlawful
    presence was a lawful order
  • Arpaio bragged publicly that he intended to violate that order
  • Arpaio violated the order, following through on his public boasts
  • Arpaio was cited for contempt for violating the order
  • Arpaio was referred to DOJ for prosecution for criminal contempt
  • Arpaio was duly convicted of criminal contempt, because he did
    in fact violate the entirely lawful injunctions (Arpaio never
    contended the injunctions were unlawful, and of course they weren’t)


Perhaps very law enforcement officer in the US should stop doing their job because your but hurt and disagree with the direction of the country.

We put up with the insanity of Obama and his policies for 8 years from Lois Lerner to Hillary Clinton and nothing was done. We now put up with Obama’s activist judges and their political decisions and nothing is done.

Perhaps if the judiciary would end the activist judges and their activist decisions the pardon of Arpaio would not be necessary.

But what Arpaio was doing was mean spirited, morally wrong as every intelligent, enlightened, person knows and he should have been jailed for 100 years just like Lois Lerner and Hillary Clinton. After all, Bill Lied to congress and walked away laughing a millionaire.


Please tell me then just what legal justification do DHS personal use to arrest, detain and deport an individual if their is no crime committed… You are splitting hairs between a misdemeanor and a felony but jaywalking is an arrestable offense…


You’re right, unlawful presence is not a crime, but improper entry is. So with each and every individual that Arpaio engaged, it depends.