Parents charged with torture after 13 'starving' children found chained to beds



This is a truly odd story. It would appear that before their financial hardships this was a couple that cared very much about their children and then afterwards… something went very crazy. It doesn’t appear, at least from what I have read, that these children were sexually abuse or beaten… just chained to their beds and starved… bazaar…


If they are registered Democrats, CNN will say they were ‘victims of cruel greedy Republican bankers, who finally snapped’; if they are registered Republicans CNN will say that theirs was ‘typical Trump supporter behavior’.


California state records list David Turpin as the principal of the Sandcastle Day School, with its address at the Turpin house. A representative for the California Department of Education did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Independent.

Terrifying, isnt it, that one of them was a principal.

The wife is 49 while their eldest is 29, and they have 13 children. This means she has been spending more than half of her life from 20 year old onward being pregnant. If this isnt a high functioning retardation, i dont know what is.


I have some good friends who have 10 children, I think she is finished at ten lol. However, she home schools, the kids are bright, integrate well with their surroundings, she runs a blog that assists other home school parents ad children. She makes money with her blog, her husband has been working for years with the Boy Scouts at the national level and the recent moves by the national organization has led him to move away from that. He was in the National Guard and recently took a full time position in the Guard. It’s not for everyone, but they make it work.


I think it interesting, I heard this mentioned on Glenn Beck this morning. I did a google search and on the first page all but 3 of the stories were from UK news outlets, two were from local CA sources and then CNN had a blurb. I guess reporters are all deep into looking for Russian collusion.


Im not judging people and dictating about the “right” number of offspring a couple can have, bc I dont know about their individual circumstances.

Tho even the richest of the rich in commiefornia dont have 13 children.