Parkland high school shooting: suspect in custody, senator says 'many dead'


Yeah… well, you just have to ask yourself… who put the porn shops in local neighborhoods… seems that their was a large movement shut down over the rights to put them there… But as to your comment yes it is very true that porn is much more accessible to eighteen year olds access to military application weapons… unless they join the military…


Yes we do, suicide is the chief cause of gun deaths.


The same people that said 14 year olds were mature enough to date Roy Moore are now saying that 17/18 year olds lack the maturity to express themselves on gun control issues.

I thought we got rid of this blowhard???

Bill O’Reilly
The big question is: should the media be promoting opinions by teenagers who are in an emotional state and facing extreme peer pressure in some cases?


Olympians speak out.

I support an assault weapons ban,” [Lowell] Bailey said. “I really do. Our county needs to wake up. Our country needs to change. There’s just no excuse. I compete against all of these other World Cup nations — Germany, Norway. How good are they on the range? They’re great at rifle marksmanship. Do you know how strict their gun controls law are? It’s a travesty America hasn’t changed and continues to go down this path. It just makes me want to cry.” […]
“Not only am I a biathlete, but I’m also an avid hunter,” U.S. biathlete Tim Burke said. “If locking up all of my sports rifles and my hunting rifles meant saving one life, I would do it.”


Not content to just make up their own news, Gateway Pundit also pushed an image of a Buzzfeed headline reading “Why we need to take away White people’s guns now more than ever.” However, no such article existed. It’s much easier to stir up racial hatred, if you just make shit up, and that’s been Gateway Pundit’s M. O. from its inception.


And part of the reason they’ll loose it in November. 67% of Americans now support A BAN ON ASSAULT RIFLES.

“I generally oppose gun control, but I support the ban on assault weapons and I support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun.” Trump, before his politically expedient flip to the alt right.


I was trained to kill I have been honorably discharged I train at least once month in the winter and weekly in the summer .
I didn’t expect a child to do or feel what I do .
You are hopeless and beyond redemption .




Then stop shift talking the students, hmm?


Correct. Fairy tales aren’t for the classroom.


Sounds like a societal illness… a creation of progressive politics and polices… I see that Britain is following the way of America. When you create a society that pushes people in large numbers to exit life… you have created a sick society

The problem is the society… not the gun. Break families up, turn children into latch key kids, feed children pills to sedate their natural energy, create more and more laws, take away opportunities and push people into liberal hell hole cities, one should expect nothing less…


Well, I will take the ‘fairy tale’ over your ‘reality’ any day… your man is god concept isn’t working out very well in societies where it is practiced…


The only shit talking is spewing from you who has a twisted demented opinion on everything but has the knowledge of a piss ant !!! Yawn


And the class rooms are working out so well aren’t they.

Maybe this screwed up society brought to you by the liberal/progressive movement has brought us this society where life is of little value,

Illegals cross the border murder Americans every day and you yawn, snicker.

Abortion on demand is the law of the land and you yawn and snicker.

With a country of little moral value where others beliefs are fairytales to you , gun violence should be expected as there is no consequence and your outraged.

The consequences of your lack of beliefs.


Conspiracy theory #1


For all of Trumps blustery talk about dealing with mental health and school safety, he delivered a budget proposal to congress less than two weeks ago that cut funding for both.



Congress has already voted to fund the government for the next 2 years.


While Wayne LaPiere is accusing democrats of wanting to repeal the second amendment, lol, the TIC is confused about arming teachers in schools. Now we all watched him tell the parents and students at the listen session yesterday that we should arm school teachers to harden the targets. Then presumably he listened to Rubio and others last night and woke up this morning denying that he had said it, and now he’s back to arming 20-40% of them. :roll_eyes:

The way that we know that the fat as TIC doesn’t care about this is demonstrated by HIS budget that he sent to congress less than two weeks ago. In that he asked for a cut to mental health and school safety. :flushed::flushed:




Congress has already voted to fund the government for the next 2 years.

Did you forget any budget has to be passed by both houses of congress??