Parkland high school shooting: suspect in custody, senator says 'many dead'


The shooter was a member of a “white nationalist” group.

It appears that this “white nationalist” group was in compliance with Equal Opportunity and mandatory diversity laws.


Blacks killing blacks is common place in the hood , now let a white kill a black then you get 24/7 360 coverage !


Hey there, it’s already against the law to murder people. What happened? Why do you bozos want more laws criminals will not obey?


Well there you have it…



Term Limits…


Firearms are the reason the GOP has a majority in congress and a President in the White House .


I think that the republican I quoted was correct. Republicans will do nothing to make our schools safe. In fact they hate our schools, talk shit about our education system and teachers, and would just as soon eliminate the DOE. Flip the congress 2018


They don’t hate our schools :roll_eyes: I would say that ‘they’ have considerable objection to 1) the lack of real achievement many students actually have when they are handed a diploma and 2) the kind of social indoctrination that really isn’t the job of government, most certainly government at the national level. Their are also some people who are afraid of school choice… because they know that should public education and its teachers unions butt up against real educational competition, public education would not be able to keep up. It has already proven that in spades with home schooling…

People don’t hate education, they just don’t like your idea of education…

It is interesting… I was looking through the children killed in that school… a couple of very high achievers… and then I thought of the 60 million abortions of children that never got a chance because at the end of the day, Respect for the Sanctity of Life has a lot to do with both of these issues, don’t you think?


Looks like some pretty clear partisanship in this comment… I guess you’ve gone to the other side too… that is, if you ever left it.


Names if you are going to quote someone . What you claim to quote sounds like big city democrat’s talking among themselves .


Yep - mutant. Glad he wasn’t “some white guy” they could smear whites with - though they will still try especially with this white nationalist angle…which was really just a bunch of losers from /pol/ on a discord.

So, now the “gun control” debate-retort is, “I agree, non-Whites should not have weapons - and that includes mixed-race types including mestizos.”


Even the GOP wouldn’t make that stupid claim.


I did above, but here it is again.

Former GOP Rep. David Jolly, who represented Florida’s 13th congressional district, tore into his own party on Thursday over its historic reaction to mass shootings, telling CNN’s Don Lemon “Republicans will never do anything on gun control.”

The idea of gun policy in the Republican party is to try to get the speaking slot at the NRA and prove that constituency that you’re further right,” Jolly said.



You must have read something else because what I read he never said anything like
" Republicans will do nothing to make our schools safe. In fact they hate our schools, talk shit about our education system and teachers, and would just as soon eliminate the DOE"
Please find the source or remove the quote !


As I said republicans are for the Second Amendment and that is why they get the NRA vote hold congress and the White House !
Gun control is hitting what you shoot at .


This is starting to look like ISIS taking credit for something they had no knowledge of or participation in… But because it makes for the kind of narrative the left love to promote… they ran with it. At least Huffington Post admitted that the link between this clown and any white supremacist group is ‘thin’…

But of course it isn’t the only spin put on this for political effect:

The Post went on to demonstrate that the figure of “18” arises from a Michael Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety tally that includes a suicide by a 31-year-old man who parked in a school parking lot to kill himself.

You have to love the …'Sensationalizers’


The “18 shootings this past 45 days” claim is an outright lie. There are at most 3 deadly shootings, the rest ranges from on-campus suicides to guns accidentally went off on on/near school grounds. But they know full well that people wont read pass the title.


Why don’t you regressive libs tell us how restricting guns will stop a killer?